26 sie 2016

Mork 'Den vandrende skygge'

HSP Productions

1. Skogens dyp    
2. I sluket av myra    
3. Den lukkede porten 
4. Hudbreiderens revir
5. Dod og begravet
6. Den vandrende skygge
7. Enden ligger ved berget
8. Morkent    
9. Ravnens natterike kaller
10. Invertert korsfestelse

'The Walking Shadow' as you may translate the title of second full-lenght album by Black Metal creation from Norway called Mork. I haven't got a chance to listen to the previous album or even any of the releases by Mork beside this album, so I can't judge if they made any progress or does anything changed in the music. I'll try to describe just what was recorded at 'Den vandrende skygge'. Black Metal done by these Norwegian (the second person behind Mork is a drummer Lucass who is Polish) is hard in one way to categorised buy also it isn't any revolutionary music in any meaning. I would say that it a mixture of traditional sounding Black Metal with dissonant atmospheric elements even with a bit of folkish touch. Apart from faster mid tempo parts which are somehow not really powerful while the emphasis is put yet again on the aura, there are slower parts with for example only one guitar playing the riff. I must say the album in the whole outcome is inhuman and misanthropic. The guitars riffage vary from aggressive parts to something like oniric or maybe nostalgic, which can be easily placed equal to sad. But with the harsh Black Metal vocal screams it is very misanthropic, almost despiting the other lifes. I think it would be perfect soundtrack when you are by yourself in deep woods walking there by yourself without any company. Often you got this confusion feeling during the listening, that the guitars with drums and vocals are well exposed and all in all it a Black Metal album, the music is like fuzzy and a bit blurry. I do not see this as disadvantage, no. More likely this is a very good example how created aura can take music understanding to the other level.
'Den vandrende skygge' will not make any shock in Black Metal scene for sure, but in my opinion it is solid album which can easily by a part of your collection. It has the elements that will both place you in the realm of inhumane disdain towards others and at the same time will strenghten your desire to be left alone. To wander and understand your true needs of the soul.