23 sie 2016

Nocternity 'Harps of the Ancient Times'

Iron Bonehead Productions

Side A
1. The Black Gates    
2. Harps of the Ancient Temples
3. Titans
4. River of Woe
Side B
5. B.O.D.D.
6. Blood Rite Tree
7. Opaline Eye of Death
8. Andromeda

It has been 12 years since the last full-lenght album by Nocternity 'Onyx'. After the second album we have witness few EP's and splits been released and in 2007 there was even the EP with the same title as the this album. According to what Khal Drogo, the founder of Nocternity in 1997, said - it took him eight years to complete the music for 'Harps of the Ancient Times'. At the same time as it was stated by him, this work is nothing like 'Onyx' album at all. We have here very minimalistic approach towards Black Metal which is very dark, dilapidated in its hypnosis. Apart from the track 'Titans' (which was already recorded in 2012 for the EP called 'Nocternity'), most of the parts are slow pace Black Metal style pulsing drums and bass guitar. The masterpiece of what keep you still without almost breathing through the playing time is the guitar work. I am not sure how to describe it. As I mentioned above it is minimalistic but in its splendid ideas it creates such brilliant atmosphere. And yes, this is what the 'Harps of the Ancient Times' is all about - the aura. The multilayered riffage, even the sound is well produced but still harsh, building up almost drama-like soundscapes with its nostalgic monotonny but yet with giant dose of might. Sublimity that is felt in Nocternity's last creation is transfering me to these ancient times, where strenght and honour were the values we miss nowadays. I think my last feeling I just mentioned is not the one Khal Drogo was intending to adopt in his art, but this is the direction it also moved me. But who knows, maybe it was in purpose? Maybe it is eclosed somewhere in the sounds and I am correct. Besides this, the almost all time slow-pace is drowning me in the world full of murky mysteries, musty darkness and myths from the land after crossing the river of Acheron. Blood magic sky and land of death's command but in a gentle edition.