29 sie 2016

Obscenity 'Retaliation'

Kolony Records

1. Claustrophobic Hell    
2. Embracing the Plague
3. Whore of Secret
4. Abandon All Hope
5. Ghastly Presence Haunting
6. The Day of Wrath
7. Deracination
8. Innate Depravity
9. Soul Eater
10. Ominous Determination

Germans started their Death Metal campaign in 1989 and yet without gaining any spectacular publicity they continue their path. This is their 9th album so far and I must say they didn't drop a bit of brutality and heaviness though their journey in music. When it comes to times that I need some quality Death Metal I always like to come back to their music. It is played in a classical way without tangle of technical show offs in riffage, Obscenity lead by Hendrik Burns since begining (now since 2011 Sascha Knust joins him again on drums while the rest of the crew are new members) can be easily called connoisseurs as it comes to Germans Death Metal scene. The more I bow to them, they keep the same form and with years and new recordings passing.
After very good album from 2012, 'Retaliation' is born. 10 tracks of intense Death Metal. Saying intense I do not refer to non stop blasting patterns, of course these are a part of this album but do not dominate throuhout recording. Compositions are divided into even slower parts but they meaty sound of guitars entirely replace the brutality of fast pace. For example 'The Day of Wrath' has plenty of mid-slower riffage but it is fucking massive. Second thing is that with such intensive tracks they managed to place solo guitars in the compositions without loosing even a few percentage of their profound of heaviness. I would descrive their Death Metal as a very rhythm driven machine, it will mangle without stopping your bodies and crush your bones. Very positive aspect of 'Retaliation' is that you can listen to it over and over again and the boredom isn't coming. With this album this is a debut in Death Metal scene for their new vocalist Tobias Mueller. And I really have to underline this and enhance his vocal abbilities, his growls are clows to perfect and yet you can understand the lyrics. These are no just grunts and gutturals so common used nowadays. He prefers old school Death Metal growl with deeper sound and to use screams on occasion. One more thing, the sound besides placing a big impact on guitars is also very selective. The bass line is exposed and you can catch its tunes easily which are more exposed due to drums patterns, especially double kicks.
To sum it up, great release which place these German veterans in the world league of Death Metal where they supposed to be since the begining. Death Metal, especially the one in the underground is not a fools rat race, so support them and get their releases when you can.