16 sie 2016

Patronymicon 'All Daggers Towards The Sky'

Carnal Records

1. Balamuthia Mandrillaris
2. World Closure
3. Fortifications Failed
4. The Great Pestilence
5. Mourning Cold
6. Unleash Hells Fire
7. Age of Contamination

This Black Metal horde is hailing from Sweden and it is their second album. Again, I didn't have a chance to listen to their debut album so I will simply focus of what the band is presenting nowadays. Anyway, the album starts with some preludium noises to transform into monotonous slow guitar just to explode with fury in second track. BM by Patronymicon is mostly based on fast and mid-fast pace but it is not a copy taken from 'big names'. In fact, their music is a mixture of Swedish '90s style with a bit of Death Metal riffage bursting out in the middle of structures of songs. Which isn't so much of surprice for my while members are playing in bands like Sorcery or Sordid Flesh, old school DM bands. 'A Daggers Towards The Sky' is a short album lasting for about 30 minutes with 7 tracks (one of it is an intro) which give us a shortage of the experience with their music. In other words when album ends you still wants more. Solid sound is also an advantage, harsh guitars but recorded in a way you can get every little sound in a flash. Which is good, becuase their Black Metal will loose a lot when it would be done in a manner of ceiling recording. Blasting drums are also amazingly good, the parts are not boring and the same all the time - plenty of changes on double kick, toms. Powerful and beastly vocals combined with the rest of instruments do create an perfect atmosphere of fucking death, burning flames in the night and apocalyptic view towards the fucking human race. Very solid album which should be a part of your collection.