11 sie 2016

Sarinvomit 'Baphopanzers of the Demonical Brigade'

Seven Gates of Hell

1. Swallowed by Perdition Holes
2. Impious Torment by Neurotoxic Injection
3. Pandemonic Radiation Descends
4. Spreading VX Gas over Kaaba
5. Baphopanzers of the Demoniacal Brigade
6. Penetration of Infernal Phosgene

The murderers from Godslaying Hellblast returned & formed this piece of disease. Sarinvomit is like a new invented bacteria by cruel human mind which desires only death upon mankind. This is how in one sentence I can sum up this album, showing how fucking evil this record is. Starting from the title which is finely presented by mr Moyen, it is a pure masterpiece of how this cover was done. More shocking is the idea! We have here something that I didn't see yet at any cover before - the Devil himself being half just the creature of flesh and bones proudlt handling the banner with the pentagram with knife in other hand, but... the second part of Him is like he is transformed into the tank itself! Half Devil / half infernal tank! All around just dead bodies, sceletons, ruins of some sort of chapel (I'm guessing) and fullmoon above it all. Music... well, if someone is familiar with Godslaying Hellblast then it is more than obvious that you can't be bored with these fuckers. Bestial War Black / Death Metal to the maximum!!! Very good sound which is selective, cruel and doesn't sound like some basement recording. Secondly it is not so much suppressed, the space (of course do not expect shit like with space wide clear sound like mainstream clowns) of sound is wide, each instrument has its place and it is not hidden behind other. Still, when you put this all toghether it is massive wall of sound - bestial, merciless & savage! Guitars and drums are like one living organism, whenever there are blasts or a bit of slow downs guitars are the same, no room and time for fucking prisioners! Vocals - bestial barks, growls, screams, insanly possessed with urge to kill and desecrate everything that has even a little spot of holy values. At the end I just want to recommand this record to everyone who is into Revenge, Conqueror or Proclamation hordes.