6 sie 2016

Silva Nigra 'Světlonoš'

Seven Gates Of Hell

1. Zrada odjinud
2. Nekonečný cyklus obrody
3. Demiurgus
4. Od počátku ztraceno
5. Nibius
6. Infernální sabat transcendence
7. Spasen nenávistí

Formed in 1996 in Czech Republic, Silva Nigra have just released their seventh full-lenght album. Obviously it is impossible to stick in the same sub-genre, eating your own tail, also Czech horde made some changes in their style during the years. Progressing from very typical cold raw Black Metal to what they are today, in the point where apart all the past elements of their music are still present but just in a bit different form. The new face, which let me underline this once more, didn't come out of nowhere. It is less archaic and more mysterious, more advanced. These seven hymns we have on 'Světlonoš' are mature compositions which are the result of consideration but also are strongly rotted in neverending passion. This is the one element which is just grabbing your throat while listening to this album, its authenticity. Silva Nigra put an emphasis on the dynamics of their new creation and it can be heard easily in the new sound. It is more clear, more I would say 'mainstreamish', but it helps a lot to catch out all the details of their new work plus mentioned above dynamics. The mysterious elements are existing through the keyboards backgrounds or even one instrumental track 'Nibius'. It takes the whole music to different dimension, even the presence of this instrument is rare. Music is bound up in the hypnotical guitars work, the riffage is simple breath-taking. Simple, but so damn astonishing to my ears. Not many releases in Black Metal genre can be so expressive and still be chained to the old Black Metal days. Also the patterns of guitars that often go to duality playing each lines are like a bonus cup of blood for me. Thrilling, simple in idea but so well executed. On the top of it the battery which in first was way too much overdone in recording studio, you know triggers everywhere - snare drum, kicks, toms. But than after many listenings I just got used to it and the fog has cleared, it fits well here. As for vocals, the dominating one is a Black Metal scream but I also noticed (which suprised me) female vocals in the background in 'Od počátku ztraceno'. 
I think 'Světlonoš' is close to perfection. And even it is nothing new, nothing that is going to make new standards, I'm just can't stop listening to it. Fascinating in its form and realization. While today many hordes are trying to be innovative (some do it even well) and I can't deny those attempts, Silva Nigra shown how to progress within the original Black Metal roots without drastic changes.