2 sie 2016

Wormreich 'Wormcult Revelations'

Wormreich 'Wormcult Revelations' Ep CD'14
Moribund Records

1. Revelation I: Vox in Rama
2. Revelation II: Serpents of Choronzon
3. Shaare-Maveth
4. Revelation III: Devotion's Final War
5. Revelation IV: Enim Satanas Meum Sanguinem
6. Codex Luciferivm
7. Malign Paradigm (Deathspell Omega cover)

From USA with their second release ever is coming Orthodox Black Metal creation called Wormreich. First track with guitars, marching pace snare drum and vocals of tormented and possessed make it started. First of all I was kind of lean backwards to it hearing this nice sound of guitars and drums being totally corrected in studio during recording session. I would expect something more alive within the chaos they are trying to invoke or create. Second track and the rest left me without doubts. Mixture of Deathspell Omega (their cover is the last track on this EP) with affectation known from latest albums from Watain or even Mayhem. It is so easy to spot how long the creation process was, how much they worked on each stupid detail & as an effect we have boring, badly executed Black Metal created for the joy of teenagers. It is like the image, the form is way above of content. Keyboards... used in interludes or during the songs is making me willing to go to my couch and have a afternoon nap. (which was kind of shocking to me while two memebers of Blood Stained Dusk, band I totally respect, are involved in Wormreich). If this has something to do with spiritualism or should interest me with mysteries... Well, making a cup of coffee in more mysterious than this. The structures of songs are not the worse, even ok but these are missing some fundamental aspects of making it authentic. Boring and one more time boring. The brightest point here is the cover of Deathspell Omega, but even in here I find it just ok. The mysteriousness and mania with the incredible atmospehere from this outstanding French creation is simply lost, I miss the metaphysical aspects of their original tracks. Ok, got enough of it.