31 sie 2016

Xaos Oblivion 'Rituals From the Cold Grave'

Lower Silesian Stronghold

1. Funeral Trance
2. Cold Illumination
3. Cursed Legend
4. Burial Black Ceremony
5. Madness from the Tombs
6. Sorrow in Stone (Tuga na kamenu)

Xaos Oblivion strikes from Poland with their fifth album entiteled 'Rituals From the Cold Grave'. Beside his second album 'Desolation...', which is re-recorded and re-arranged version of the same from 2005 when the band was called just Oblivion, there were no demos and whatsoever other releases than full-lenght albums. The person hidden behind the name Xaos Oblivion was recording everything by his own until now, when Mścisław joined him on guitars. It can easily be told that the mastermind of this project, Xaos Oblivion is a misanthropic person who spend most of his time writting and recording music. Apart from the project I'm writting this review now, he is also the main composer in Demonic Slaughter, Xaosis, Temple Of The Mist, Sytris. He is also partcipating in Void Dweller, Aryman, Open Hell, Abusiveness... Quite impressive, huh? I think when you live as medium of the utter darkened sounds than your life absorbs this theme in 100% and fullfil it.
'Rituals From the Cold Grave' is a very cold album. Due to its raw production, yet selective, the minimalistic approach towards compositions and creating inhumane ghastly aura the goal has been reached. Thanks to the mastering in the studio the whole sound is very authentic and even as I said it raw then it also has a lot of space, it is not claustrophobic or stuffy. Even the tracks are done in the straightforward way, the biggest impact is laid here on the atmosphere. And it is done mostly with elementary instruments and grim vocals which I must say are one of the kind. I can't remind myself if I heard any other person using his voice with the method Xaos Oblivion is using. And even if I can't think of any such person now, fuck it, it is not obligatory to make comparison. It has a doze of grim dignity, something insane as well (especially in the opening track when in the begining you hear this obscure howls of agony!). Music is a pure Black Metal, mostly with blasting pace and mid tempos. The success is the repetitivness of patterns. The created monotony is almost like placing you in the cold grave, in the forgotten graveyard in the deep woods...
'Rituals From the Cold Grave', in my opinion, is not an album for everyone who is into Black Metal. This stands for most of the creations Xaos Oblivion is involved in as a main creator. It is made with misanthropic dose and should be kept and seen exactly this way. For those who understand and accept their visions in hunted curse called individualism.