29 wrz 2016

Teloch 'Thus Darkness Spake'

Saturnal Records

1. Currents
2. Obliteration
3. Ablution
4. Towards Perdition
5. Ascending Thrones and Stars
6. Thus Darkness Spake
7. Stirring Fire
8. Hymni tulelle

This is the second album by Fins from Teloch. It was 6 years of wait untile this following album was released by Saturnal Records also from Finland. The previous release from 2012, an EP was a slighty announcement of what we should expect from the next offerings by Teloch. The style did developed into something it can be described as melodic with one guitar playing the background riffs and the second one is building up the atmosphere and leading the riffage with the dark melodies. And I think this is where the dualism of the atmosphere lies. From one hand we can experience the fragments of pure hatred and misanthropy but from the other hand, the music is drawing the background of musty cellar in which rituals are held, the smoke of candles and incenses creating sort of foggy, blurry view... At least this is where Teloch music took me while I was listening to it in the dark of the room.
The guitar work is quite interesting here. As I mentioned before it is often divided into to parts, where one guitar is 'making' the background riffs and leading guitar is buileding melodies. Melodies which are far away from what we are used to call this term in everyday language. These parts are incorporating, enforcing the misanthrophy, the disavowal of human values. The only thing I can say against the compositions is the number of repetitive riffs. I know it supposed to be hypnotic in some sort of way, but playing over and over the same pattern isn't making any good to the whole album. But this is just the thing some will appriciate and some won't. Drumming by Sota offers more variety and even in repetitive fragments he brings diversity. Bass guitar is well executing its parts and the deliverance of pulsing and roaring sounds are heard throughout the whole 'Thus Darkness Spake'. Vocals done by Odium are in the full scale of what Black Metal can be received. From screams, to more understandable manner of vociferating lyrics lines, some sort of agonizing almost crying-like parts to cleaner voices. It might sound in the first like a vocal mush without any conception. Belive me, Odium did his part damn good, there is certain place for each type of his voice on this record.
The whole music concept may be seen as something close to what Mgła did on theirs album 'Groza'. In paticualr as it comes to melodies and parts of the compositions. But even with the large portion of repetitiveness, it is still more alluring than Mgła's music (if we have to compare it to them). Very well executed album, solid and worth to listen to. Simply support them and buy 'Thus Darkness Spake'.

28 wrz 2016

Oath 'Mustan liekin veljeskunta'

Immortal Frost Productions

1. Aamutähden poika
2. Lankeemuksen tuhannet kasvot
3. Khaos
4. Amen Apollymi
5. Pedon profetia

And again Scandinavia, again Finland, is this going ever end? Well, I hope not. Second album by Oath, a duo from Hyvinkää is delivering quite well executed Black Metal. Deeply rooted in the style of what we are used to hear from this country in genre of Black Metal. The duo consist of members of ex-Azaghal, Kalmankantaja, Wyrd, Hiisi, Grimirg, Order of the White Hand - just to name few. 'Mustan liekin veljeskunta' can be translated as 'Brotherhood of the Black Flame' and it is a great continuation what we could hear on their debut album 'Saatanan myrsky yllä pyhän maan' ('Satan Storm Above the Holy Land').
Lets start with what was mentioned before and this is their previous album. I said it is proud follower of their first work, but of course there are some differences. First of all, it is the sound which in my opinion lost its primitivism. Of course it is not done in a drastic way and all you can hear is sweet mainstreamish shit. I think Oath even gained here more than lost. You can be easily inhaled by the much deeper mystic atmosphere of the album. Naturally, due to this the record isn't so much straightforward but I am sure there are lots of elements that maniacs will evaluate. For example the change in the whole album comes when they lauched 'Amen Apollymi' track which is slower with riffs heavier. Riffage on the whole album are mostly melodic but avoiding the childishness. At the background you'll hear a lot of keyboard passages creating the aura of mystery. Also because of keyboards it is a perfect reference to old days in Black Metal, when this instreument was used on most recordings - no matter if it was a demo tape or an album. Nowadays because of some mainstream clowns keyboards went to archives of metal music and not a lot bands use it throughout whole albums (often when they do it turns out to be sweet shit for cool teenagers). Memebers of Oath found the solution and used it for their purposes in very good way. Last, the vocals which are Black Metal screams I found these here a lot arenaceous! And it fits properly giving a contrast to mysterious, might sound Oath has delivered on 'Mustan liekin veljeskunta'. I think more words are unnecessary, just listen to this great album and buy it.

26 wrz 2016

LVTHN 'Eradication of Nescience'

Amor Fati Productions

1. Into Death Reborn    
2. Deus Alienus
3. Ecstatic Liberation
4. Ascension into the Palace of the Dark Gods
5. My Indignation
6. Radiant Wolf
7. Uncreation's Dance
8. Eradication of Nescience

The debut album by Belgian LVTHN is quite intriguing album. First of all I must say that they had changed or more likely developed their style on this piece of work. The compositions are built to emergy and surround the listener with twisted dark atmosphere. It will be told later on in this review. Yes, Black Metal offered by Belgian had crossed the line of sanity and now is flowing chaoticly into the sea of madness.
The first thing with 'Eradication of Nescience', it is not an easy album to listen to. It took me few good listenings with full focus to get into what Ishould realize after first sounds. But when you will let it in under your skin, the atmosphere of total foulness won't leave you for a while. Another good thing with this album is that each song can be recognized separately, the whole album is not like pulp where you have problems to catch single tracks. The is no one time pace, you will witness a lot of changes in the patterns. The structures are quite advanced, so if you like to listen and absorb every little riff you have a lot to do here. Especially that even now, after listening to this album a lot, I am still catching some new details I'm sure I didn't hear previously. The guitar work, as I said there is a lot going on. LVTHN do not create their atmosphere on just hypnotical riffs, you will get powerful straight riffs too. Some patterns are like being taken out from Death Metal genre. This variety put all together gives a sense of madness but also fascination in musicwise terms. Bass guitar is pulsing through the whole album tearing my guts from inside. When combined with snare drum and drum kicks it raging spreading the dynamics over the whole compositions. Vocals are whispering, screaming, insanely laughing in the background... It is like having a poison in your veins and the whole world is turing around, spinning.
LVTHN with their debut full-work 'Eradication of Nescience' set up the bar up high. In my opinion it is a very solid album which in this genre can make it far and gain more respect for Belgian in the underground. 

24 wrz 2016

Whoredom Rife 'The Worship of Idols Instead of God; Idolatry'

Terratur Possessions

1. Fyrstens Land
2. Gitt til Odin 
3. Thought and Memory
4. Whoredom Rife

Whoredom Rife is a new creation on the scene of Norwegian Black Metal, coming from Nidaros. I can tell you early in the begining of this review, that if they won't split up any soon, they have a chance to become a very respectful band in certain circles. Just before the Prague Death Mass vol. III even they released their debut EP (both in CD and vinyl format) and it is a debut close to perfection in this genre. Also I witness the live preformance at the fest and this was also amazing experience.
Four hymns which were recorded for this EP give 22 minutes of music, which gives avarage of 5 minutes of lenght per one track. Minding the skillful multi-instrumentalist V. Einride, the whole material is demanding a lot of focus. It is not because of their version of Black Metal is avangarde of any sort, no. This is just about all the little gems hidden behind the lines of compositions; all these small details which you will catch after many listenings of 'The Worship of Idols Instead of God; Idolatry'. Even the genre and its expresion by Whoredom Rife is traditional, there is a lot of fascinating parts during playtime. Music is definately cold, filled with madness and its hypnotic vibe brings enormous stench of death. It is something you witness not too often, when real devoted art can transform the idea into reality, when you as a listener can exactly feel the presence of it. Within these 22 minutes the pace is changing, and we have blasting passages but also mid tempos and slow ones. V. Einride executed Black Metal of (if I can use such phrase) 'big caliber'. Second person in the band is K.R. and he delivered his voice and it fits exactly within. Again, as with instruments, we have many varieties. It is like he exactly controls his vocals without any exertion. And it must be heard to understand the fantastic outcome of the whole music.
I think there is not much to add, all I know is that Whoredom Rife will be played a lot in my audio hi-fi system. I wish myself and other to experience more of such debuts or even materials.


8 wrz 2016

Revenge 'Behold.Total.Rejection'

Season Of Mist Underground Activist

1. Scum Defection (Outsider Neutralized)
2. Shock Attrition (Control in Decline)
3. Wolf Slave Protocol (Choose Your Side)
4. Mass Death Mass
5. Mobilization Rites
6. Silent Enemy
7. Desolation Insignia
8. Hate Nomad
9. ETHR (Failure Erased)
10. Nihilist Militant (Total Rejection)

Formed in 2000 in Canada, Revenge in last year 2015 has just unleashed their fifth so far album. As easily predicted, it is nothing else than pure war bestiality. Vermin and James Reed again took no prisioners and simply execution is moving forward.
Their form of Black / Death Metal insanity is not for everyone who is into these two genres. Pushed to the maximum, war-worshiping machine, Revenge is like an savage nightmarish creature unleased in one reason -> to kill and crush all life on its way. The compositions of single tracks do vary, while we have here not even 2 minutes long songs and from the opposite there are songs longer than 6 minutes too. But you can be sure one thing, there is no less or more bestiality executed on these shorter or longer tracks. No, each one is like the same statement about death, hatred and mockery of human unworthy anything race. As on each album by Revenge I am feeling again the same, something that for me is hidden in their arrangements. It is like being on any battlefield and being surrounded by the worst enemies, then your adrenaline is on high level and the hate you feel is on the highest caliber. Mostly the riffage is very fast without a lot going on in chages, being hidden behind the non stop blasting drum set. There are couple of slower parts like on 'ETHR', but the chainsaw guitar sound is not going to make for any of us any easier. The most horryfic on these album are the vocals, which for me are basically like a tombstone of Revenge. I can't imagine Revenge being the same band with out all these sounds that James Reed and Vermin are making. All these vocalisations on the top of grinding chaos that Canadians do produce with the instruments... It is just creating such aggression I just want the punch people, hurt them and in consequence kill them. It is not too common that such barbaric bestaility can arise from the music of any or this specific genre. Intense, devastating, deadly obscure and war worshiping creation of death! One and only Revenge.

7 wrz 2016

Corpus Christii 'PaleMoon'

Folter Records

1. Far Beyond the Light
2. Under Beastcraft
3. The Great Death
4. Eternal Bliss
5. Last Eclipse
6. Being
7. Night of Flaming Hatred
8. From Darkness to Total Blackness
9. Livid Night
10. Carving a Light in Me

'PaleMoon' is the seventh album by Portugesse Black Metal act Corpus Christii. Long time driven by Alexandre Mota aka Nocturnus Horrendus since 1998 and still without any compromises. Since the last album 'Luciferian Frequencies', it has been seen that the band took a step away from the typical cold raw version of Black Metal. 'PaleMoon' is a comeback to chaotic energy of almost prmitive sound like it was on 'Tormented Belief'. And this is what I get here, a total negativity enclosed in 40 minutes which is shredding my last bastions of sanity inside my head.
In one way I am very content that Corpus Christii returned to its source and is taking advantage from the inspirations like old Darkthrone with a dark twist to it, some sort of old Thrash Metal inspirations are heard rearly in the riffing patterns. Yes, the whole concept of 'PaleMoon' is based on furious bombarding by the snare drum and excruciating guitar sound with eerie, raw screams by N.H. Espeically his vocals are making me feel like I just witness by biggest nightmare ever, so intense, poisonous and abominable. But this is fucking Black Metal I expected to hear by this band. Of course, previous album was more hitting me some new details of their style, but there were still the elements of this hideous primoridal power incorporated inside the sound and compositions. And it is all included inside, the chaotic state of deathpale insanity. This solid inhumanity, coldness freezing your soul from each song is simply perfect. Needless to say, this is an album to be listened in absolute solitude to reach for obscurity and depravity.
Album is somehow divide in two parts by the middle track 'Being' which delivers a soundscape of tomented voice whispering, half-laughing tone in agony on top of guitar playing repetitive part. With vocies that are growing... And then another four tracks of pure hatred and misanthropy. Not sure if this was planned to be taken the way I did, but the outcome is thrilling. Nocturnus Horrendus again managed to deliver an Evil, the horryfic tormented Black Metal. 

3 wrz 2016

Shrine Of Insanabilis 'Disciples Of The Void'

World Terror Committee

1. End All
2. Ruina
3. Acausal Paths
4. (...........)
5. Invocation
6. Still of This Earth
7. Cycles and Circles
8. Acerbus
9. Omega

Debut album by Shrine Of Insanabilis can be described as a vicious work. Their music is almost like oozing from the speakers and I am drowning in its thickness. Since the first riffs of the opening track 'End of All' (perfectly chosen title for it) I am hit with a grean clear sound production. Yes, it is not raw buzzing sound and I think SOI needs such sound. There is a lot of going on in music structures in their compositions and these could be lost when the sound would be dirty. Secondly, the production even it is clear is far away from being nice or lets call it 'mainstreamish'. Especially guitar work is fanatically obssessed, the feeling the zeal in this creation. It is religious-like madness, devotion to the Satanic rites. When you look at the painters work you see the emotions within the picture, while here all the negativity, frights are arising to live once again. The sound / music's invocation done it well. And even the guitar work is foul, it is still filled with a lot of catchy decent melodies. Such diversity brings a quite nice level of attention and you are listening to the 'Disciples Of The Void' over and over again. Of course, this way we have here tracks that are separately to be understood and known, yet merging into complex work. Cramped, firm atmosphere is filled with obscure, almost eerie compositions to even parts that are more Death Metal styled close to works of such icons like Cianide or Incantation. Between the lines of infinite sharp guitars riffage, the line of bass guitar is a bit exposed bringing forth dynamics of the sound. And as we speak about the rhythm section, I must admit the parts written for drums are amazing. There are no weaker parts, the drummer is able to find himself in any pace, any type of speed that was recorded. And last one is the vocal. As many of you listeners / maniacs did probably notice, recently we have a rising bar with the scales of vocals in Black or Death Metal genres. It is not only the same through whole albums screams, growls... To make the atmosphere of 'Disciples Of The Void' even more darker the hordes are trying to intonate their lyrics within the changing (rising or falling) tones in their compositions. Same situation is here where vocals have reached the level of maximum possession and condemnation. And when you think of it, vocals here are like the last nail to the coffin. The personation of all instrument, closing the vortex of the Void. The last thing I want to add is, very often words are too defective to describe what is hidden within and inside this masterpiece.


1 wrz 2016

Lathspell 'Torn Cold Void'

Wolfspell Records

1. I Am Death
2. Beneath the Flaming Earth
3. Blood Embrace This Soil
4. Torn Cold Void

The discography of Finnish Lathspell looks quite good and this is their latest fifth album so far.The direction for their compositions they choose since third album 'Reborn in Retaliation' is continued till today. What I mean is the long duration of the tracks which are around 9-12 minutes long. As we can see nowadays it is nothing unique, such longish songs. Especially if we would take Orthodox Black Metal, but Lathspell is far away from this genre. Their music can be described as Black Metal with an emphasis on leading guitar riffage and its complex melodic lines. On the top of it must be mentioned the touch of atmosphere which is made via the keyboards in the background. These are gently showing on rarerly but in exact moments of the tracks, in moments where you just have expectations to hear them. Black Metal played by Lathspell on 'Torn Cold Void' has at least two faces. The one is above mentioned melodic side, with a lot of ideas presented in riffage. Due to its a heavy dose of melodics it is loosing a bit its sharpness but then the atmosphere is taking over and the creation of something majestic, even a bit nostalgic is dominating. Yes, I know - nowadays when you're not another clone of Archgoat or Teitanblood you are considered false or fuck knows what else. Lathspell proves you're wrong. The combination of melodics and atmosphere brings you back in time to early Black Metal records from the begining of '90s. Totally different styles but when I hear the parts with keyboards I just can't explain why but it reminds me of the debut by Emperor, the rest is like from 'Welcome My Last Chapter' by Vinterland, at least for me. Now, second part / face of their music is when they incorporate mid-paced parts with the leading guitar. I can hear some influences from early Death Metal riffage. There is not a lot of such parts on the album, but you will find them, they sound much aggressive and heavier. Last two things, I really enjoyed the selective sound with the bass line roaring under the guitars! Second one are the vocals. Let me stop here for a while. Even these are just typical Black Metal screams, the way it is done is amazing. Grim666, the vocalist is integrating the whole music into something essential. I really can't explain it but when you're into Black Metal you can feel what I mean.
4 hymns and more than 40 minutes of music and not a second of any sign of yawning or boredom. Totally worth to get it and check it. Support them, underground act like Lathspell which is active now for 18 years is worth your attention.