7 wrz 2016

Corpus Christii 'PaleMoon'

Folter Records

1. Far Beyond the Light
2. Under Beastcraft
3. The Great Death
4. Eternal Bliss
5. Last Eclipse
6. Being
7. Night of Flaming Hatred
8. From Darkness to Total Blackness
9. Livid Night
10. Carving a Light in Me

'PaleMoon' is the seventh album by Portugesse Black Metal act Corpus Christii. Long time driven by Alexandre Mota aka Nocturnus Horrendus since 1998 and still without any compromises. Since the last album 'Luciferian Frequencies', it has been seen that the band took a step away from the typical cold raw version of Black Metal. 'PaleMoon' is a comeback to chaotic energy of almost prmitive sound like it was on 'Tormented Belief'. And this is what I get here, a total negativity enclosed in 40 minutes which is shredding my last bastions of sanity inside my head.
In one way I am very content that Corpus Christii returned to its source and is taking advantage from the inspirations like old Darkthrone with a dark twist to it, some sort of old Thrash Metal inspirations are heard rearly in the riffing patterns. Yes, the whole concept of 'PaleMoon' is based on furious bombarding by the snare drum and excruciating guitar sound with eerie, raw screams by N.H. Espeically his vocals are making me feel like I just witness by biggest nightmare ever, so intense, poisonous and abominable. But this is fucking Black Metal I expected to hear by this band. Of course, previous album was more hitting me some new details of their style, but there were still the elements of this hideous primoridal power incorporated inside the sound and compositions. And it is all included inside, the chaotic state of deathpale insanity. This solid inhumanity, coldness freezing your soul from each song is simply perfect. Needless to say, this is an album to be listened in absolute solitude to reach for obscurity and depravity.
Album is somehow divide in two parts by the middle track 'Being' which delivers a soundscape of tomented voice whispering, half-laughing tone in agony on top of guitar playing repetitive part. With vocies that are growing... And then another four tracks of pure hatred and misanthropy. Not sure if this was planned to be taken the way I did, but the outcome is thrilling. Nocturnus Horrendus again managed to deliver an Evil, the horryfic tormented Black Metal.