1 wrz 2016

Lathspell 'Torn Cold Void'

Wolfspell Records

1. I Am Death
2. Beneath the Flaming Earth
3. Blood Embrace This Soil
4. Torn Cold Void

The discography of Finnish Lathspell looks quite good and this is their latest fifth album so far.The direction for their compositions they choose since third album 'Reborn in Retaliation' is continued till today. What I mean is the long duration of the tracks which are around 9-12 minutes long. As we can see nowadays it is nothing unique, such longish songs. Especially if we would take Orthodox Black Metal, but Lathspell is far away from this genre. Their music can be described as Black Metal with an emphasis on leading guitar riffage and its complex melodic lines. On the top of it must be mentioned the touch of atmosphere which is made via the keyboards in the background. These are gently showing on rarerly but in exact moments of the tracks, in moments where you just have expectations to hear them. Black Metal played by Lathspell on 'Torn Cold Void' has at least two faces. The one is above mentioned melodic side, with a lot of ideas presented in riffage. Due to its a heavy dose of melodics it is loosing a bit its sharpness but then the atmosphere is taking over and the creation of something majestic, even a bit nostalgic is dominating. Yes, I know - nowadays when you're not another clone of Archgoat or Teitanblood you are considered false or fuck knows what else. Lathspell proves you're wrong. The combination of melodics and atmosphere brings you back in time to early Black Metal records from the begining of '90s. Totally different styles but when I hear the parts with keyboards I just can't explain why but it reminds me of the debut by Emperor, the rest is like from 'Welcome My Last Chapter' by Vinterland, at least for me. Now, second part / face of their music is when they incorporate mid-paced parts with the leading guitar. I can hear some influences from early Death Metal riffage. There is not a lot of such parts on the album, but you will find them, they sound much aggressive and heavier. Last two things, I really enjoyed the selective sound with the bass line roaring under the guitars! Second one are the vocals. Let me stop here for a while. Even these are just typical Black Metal screams, the way it is done is amazing. Grim666, the vocalist is integrating the whole music into something essential. I really can't explain it but when you're into Black Metal you can feel what I mean.
4 hymns and more than 40 minutes of music and not a second of any sign of yawning or boredom. Totally worth to get it and check it. Support them, underground act like Lathspell which is active now for 18 years is worth your attention.