26 wrz 2016

LVTHN 'Eradication of Nescience'

Amor Fati Productions

1. Into Death Reborn    
2. Deus Alienus
3. Ecstatic Liberation
4. Ascension into the Palace of the Dark Gods
5. My Indignation
6. Radiant Wolf
7. Uncreation's Dance
8. Eradication of Nescience

The debut album by Belgian LVTHN is quite intriguing album. First of all I must say that they had changed or more likely developed their style on this piece of work. The compositions are built to emergy and surround the listener with twisted dark atmosphere. It will be told later on in this review. Yes, Black Metal offered by Belgian had crossed the line of sanity and now is flowing chaoticly into the sea of madness.
The first thing with 'Eradication of Nescience', it is not an easy album to listen to. It took me few good listenings with full focus to get into what Ishould realize after first sounds. But when you will let it in under your skin, the atmosphere of total foulness won't leave you for a while. Another good thing with this album is that each song can be recognized separately, the whole album is not like pulp where you have problems to catch single tracks. The is no one time pace, you will witness a lot of changes in the patterns. The structures are quite advanced, so if you like to listen and absorb every little riff you have a lot to do here. Especially that even now, after listening to this album a lot, I am still catching some new details I'm sure I didn't hear previously. The guitar work, as I said there is a lot going on. LVTHN do not create their atmosphere on just hypnotical riffs, you will get powerful straight riffs too. Some patterns are like being taken out from Death Metal genre. This variety put all together gives a sense of madness but also fascination in musicwise terms. Bass guitar is pulsing through the whole album tearing my guts from inside. When combined with snare drum and drum kicks it raging spreading the dynamics over the whole compositions. Vocals are whispering, screaming, insanely laughing in the background... It is like having a poison in your veins and the whole world is turing around, spinning.
LVTHN with their debut full-work 'Eradication of Nescience' set up the bar up high. In my opinion it is a very solid album which in this genre can make it far and gain more respect for Belgian in the underground.