28 wrz 2016

Oath 'Mustan liekin veljeskunta'

Immortal Frost Productions

1. Aamutähden poika
2. Lankeemuksen tuhannet kasvot
3. Khaos
4. Amen Apollymi
5. Pedon profetia

And again Scandinavia, again Finland, is this going ever end? Well, I hope not. Second album by Oath, a duo from Hyvinkää is delivering quite well executed Black Metal. Deeply rooted in the style of what we are used to hear from this country in genre of Black Metal. The duo consist of members of ex-Azaghal, Kalmankantaja, Wyrd, Hiisi, Grimirg, Order of the White Hand - just to name few. 'Mustan liekin veljeskunta' can be translated as 'Brotherhood of the Black Flame' and it is a great continuation what we could hear on their debut album 'Saatanan myrsky yllä pyhän maan' ('Satan Storm Above the Holy Land').
Lets start with what was mentioned before and this is their previous album. I said it is proud follower of their first work, but of course there are some differences. First of all, it is the sound which in my opinion lost its primitivism. Of course it is not done in a drastic way and all you can hear is sweet mainstreamish shit. I think Oath even gained here more than lost. You can be easily inhaled by the much deeper mystic atmosphere of the album. Naturally, due to this the record isn't so much straightforward but I am sure there are lots of elements that maniacs will evaluate. For example the change in the whole album comes when they lauched 'Amen Apollymi' track which is slower with riffs heavier. Riffage on the whole album are mostly melodic but avoiding the childishness. At the background you'll hear a lot of keyboard passages creating the aura of mystery. Also because of keyboards it is a perfect reference to old days in Black Metal, when this instreument was used on most recordings - no matter if it was a demo tape or an album. Nowadays because of some mainstream clowns keyboards went to archives of metal music and not a lot bands use it throughout whole albums (often when they do it turns out to be sweet shit for cool teenagers). Memebers of Oath found the solution and used it for their purposes in very good way. Last, the vocals which are Black Metal screams I found these here a lot arenaceous! And it fits properly giving a contrast to mysterious, might sound Oath has delivered on 'Mustan liekin veljeskunta'. I think more words are unnecessary, just listen to this great album and buy it.