8 wrz 2016

Revenge 'Behold.Total.Rejection'

Season Of Mist Underground Activist

1. Scum Defection (Outsider Neutralized)
2. Shock Attrition (Control in Decline)
3. Wolf Slave Protocol (Choose Your Side)
4. Mass Death Mass
5. Mobilization Rites
6. Silent Enemy
7. Desolation Insignia
8. Hate Nomad
9. ETHR (Failure Erased)
10. Nihilist Militant (Total Rejection)

Formed in 2000 in Canada, Revenge in last year 2015 has just unleashed their fifth so far album. As easily predicted, it is nothing else than pure war bestiality. Vermin and James Reed again took no prisioners and simply execution is moving forward.
Their form of Black / Death Metal insanity is not for everyone who is into these two genres. Pushed to the maximum, war-worshiping machine, Revenge is like an savage nightmarish creature unleased in one reason -> to kill and crush all life on its way. The compositions of single tracks do vary, while we have here not even 2 minutes long songs and from the opposite there are songs longer than 6 minutes too. But you can be sure one thing, there is no less or more bestiality executed on these shorter or longer tracks. No, each one is like the same statement about death, hatred and mockery of human unworthy anything race. As on each album by Revenge I am feeling again the same, something that for me is hidden in their arrangements. It is like being on any battlefield and being surrounded by the worst enemies, then your adrenaline is on high level and the hate you feel is on the highest caliber. Mostly the riffage is very fast without a lot going on in chages, being hidden behind the non stop blasting drum set. There are couple of slower parts like on 'ETHR', but the chainsaw guitar sound is not going to make for any of us any easier. The most horryfic on these album are the vocals, which for me are basically like a tombstone of Revenge. I can't imagine Revenge being the same band with out all these sounds that James Reed and Vermin are making. All these vocalisations on the top of grinding chaos that Canadians do produce with the instruments... It is just creating such aggression I just want the punch people, hurt them and in consequence kill them. It is not too common that such barbaric bestaility can arise from the music of any or this specific genre. Intense, devastating, deadly obscure and war worshiping creation of death! One and only Revenge.