3 wrz 2016

Shrine Of Insanabilis 'Disciples Of The Void'

World Terror Committee

1. End All
2. Ruina
3. Acausal Paths
4. (...........)
5. Invocation
6. Still of This Earth
7. Cycles and Circles
8. Acerbus
9. Omega

Debut album by Shrine Of Insanabilis can be described as a vicious work. Their music is almost like oozing from the speakers and I am drowning in its thickness. Since the first riffs of the opening track 'End of All' (perfectly chosen title for it) I am hit with a grean clear sound production. Yes, it is not raw buzzing sound and I think SOI needs such sound. There is a lot of going on in music structures in their compositions and these could be lost when the sound would be dirty. Secondly, the production even it is clear is far away from being nice or lets call it 'mainstreamish'. Especially guitar work is fanatically obssessed, the feeling the zeal in this creation. It is religious-like madness, devotion to the Satanic rites. When you look at the painters work you see the emotions within the picture, while here all the negativity, frights are arising to live once again. The sound / music's invocation done it well. And even the guitar work is foul, it is still filled with a lot of catchy decent melodies. Such diversity brings a quite nice level of attention and you are listening to the 'Disciples Of The Void' over and over again. Of course, this way we have here tracks that are separately to be understood and known, yet merging into complex work. Cramped, firm atmosphere is filled with obscure, almost eerie compositions to even parts that are more Death Metal styled close to works of such icons like Cianide or Incantation. Between the lines of infinite sharp guitars riffage, the line of bass guitar is a bit exposed bringing forth dynamics of the sound. And as we speak about the rhythm section, I must admit the parts written for drums are amazing. There are no weaker parts, the drummer is able to find himself in any pace, any type of speed that was recorded. And last one is the vocal. As many of you listeners / maniacs did probably notice, recently we have a rising bar with the scales of vocals in Black or Death Metal genres. It is not only the same through whole albums screams, growls... To make the atmosphere of 'Disciples Of The Void' even more darker the hordes are trying to intonate their lyrics within the changing (rising or falling) tones in their compositions. Same situation is here where vocals have reached the level of maximum possession and condemnation. And when you think of it, vocals here are like the last nail to the coffin. The personation of all instrument, closing the vortex of the Void. The last thing I want to add is, very often words are too defective to describe what is hidden within and inside this masterpiece.