29 wrz 2016

Teloch 'Thus Darkness Spake'

Saturnal Records

1. Currents
2. Obliteration
3. Ablution
4. Towards Perdition
5. Ascending Thrones and Stars
6. Thus Darkness Spake
7. Stirring Fire
8. Hymni tulelle

This is the second album by Fins from Teloch. It was 6 years of wait untile this following album was released by Saturnal Records also from Finland. The previous release from 2012, an EP was a slighty announcement of what we should expect from the next offerings by Teloch. The style did developed into something it can be described as melodic with one guitar playing the background riffs and the second one is building up the atmosphere and leading the riffage with the dark melodies. And I think this is where the dualism of the atmosphere lies. From one hand we can experience the fragments of pure hatred and misanthropy but from the other hand, the music is drawing the background of musty cellar in which rituals are held, the smoke of candles and incenses creating sort of foggy, blurry view... At least this is where Teloch music took me while I was listening to it in the dark of the room.
The guitar work is quite interesting here. As I mentioned before it is often divided into to parts, where one guitar is 'making' the background riffs and leading guitar is buileding melodies. Melodies which are far away from what we are used to call this term in everyday language. These parts are incorporating, enforcing the misanthrophy, the disavowal of human values. The only thing I can say against the compositions is the number of repetitive riffs. I know it supposed to be hypnotic in some sort of way, but playing over and over the same pattern isn't making any good to the whole album. But this is just the thing some will appriciate and some won't. Drumming by Sota offers more variety and even in repetitive fragments he brings diversity. Bass guitar is well executing its parts and the deliverance of pulsing and roaring sounds are heard throughout the whole 'Thus Darkness Spake'. Vocals done by Odium are in the full scale of what Black Metal can be received. From screams, to more understandable manner of vociferating lyrics lines, some sort of agonizing almost crying-like parts to cleaner voices. It might sound in the first like a vocal mush without any conception. Belive me, Odium did his part damn good, there is certain place for each type of his voice on this record.
The whole music concept may be seen as something close to what Mgła did on theirs album 'Groza'. In paticualr as it comes to melodies and parts of the compositions. But even with the large portion of repetitiveness, it is still more alluring than Mgła's music (if we have to compare it to them). Very well executed album, solid and worth to listen to. Simply support them and buy 'Thus Darkness Spake'.