24 wrz 2016

Whoredom Rife 'The Worship of Idols Instead of God; Idolatry'

Terratur Possessions

1. Fyrstens Land
2. Gitt til Odin 
3. Thought and Memory
4. Whoredom Rife

Whoredom Rife is a new creation on the scene of Norwegian Black Metal, coming from Nidaros. I can tell you early in the begining of this review, that if they won't split up any soon, they have a chance to become a very respectful band in certain circles. Just before the Prague Death Mass vol. III even they released their debut EP (both in CD and vinyl format) and it is a debut close to perfection in this genre. Also I witness the live preformance at the fest and this was also amazing experience.
Four hymns which were recorded for this EP give 22 minutes of music, which gives avarage of 5 minutes of lenght per one track. Minding the skillful multi-instrumentalist V. Einride, the whole material is demanding a lot of focus. It is not because of their version of Black Metal is avangarde of any sort, no. This is just about all the little gems hidden behind the lines of compositions; all these small details which you will catch after many listenings of 'The Worship of Idols Instead of God; Idolatry'. Even the genre and its expresion by Whoredom Rife is traditional, there is a lot of fascinating parts during playtime. Music is definately cold, filled with madness and its hypnotic vibe brings enormous stench of death. It is something you witness not too often, when real devoted art can transform the idea into reality, when you as a listener can exactly feel the presence of it. Within these 22 minutes the pace is changing, and we have blasting passages but also mid tempos and slow ones. V. Einride executed Black Metal of (if I can use such phrase) 'big caliber'. Second person in the band is K.R. and he delivered his voice and it fits exactly within. Again, as with instruments, we have many varieties. It is like he exactly controls his vocals without any exertion. And it must be heard to understand the fantastic outcome of the whole music.
I think there is not much to add, all I know is that Whoredom Rife will be played a lot in my audio hi-fi system. I wish myself and other to experience more of such debuts or even materials.