15 paź 2016

Chaos Moon 'Resurrection Extract'

I, Voidhanger Records

1. Seeing Through One I
2. Bloodfall
3. Altar
4. Barrow
5. Dreams Scattered over an Infinite Mirror
6. Asemic Weakness
7. Empty Fissure
8. Exordium of Exile
9. Hymn to Iniquity II, Exsequiae

This is the thrid album of Chaos Moon but first if you count since Esoterica, the one mastermind of it decided to split it up and than reactive it in 2013. Also if you are following this decorous project, you must seen that while split-up process, there was another band formed and named after the nickname of the man himslef - Esoterica. In 2015, Polish Hellthrasher label released the Ep called 'Amissum', but I didn't have the opportunity to check it content yet.
It gets me really amazed with the fact how much you can combine Black Metal, the atmosphere and Ambient parts into one worthy a lot release. 'Resurrection Extract' is an album which will first hit you with coldness of emotions, the feeling of emptiness and lifelessness. With the pace, which is not only slower or mid one, the edge is the same - the cruelty of forced solitude, of searching for something else than regular and everyday life basis, maybe even mental illness caused by such state. And I am far away from talking about depression. More likely it is as always the truth that hurts here, the everlasting suffering of existence and shattered dreams which you'll all feel during the listening of this album. The foggy riffage, almost like liquid spilling, flowing in the shallow stream... I think it doesn't write a new standards for Atmospheric Black Metal but the whole concept is working here very well. Some acoustic parts, gently solo guitars when on top the dismal screechting voice is screaming... The feeling of the music's chemistry is like a bliss here, and I must say - very few bands in this genre can do it. Also, what can be considered as a full surprise is the sound which is powerful. Of course it is not the pouding Black/Death Metal style, but it is miles away from being called garage or basement sound. The Ambient parts are just absorbing and dreadful. Take for example the ending of the song 'Dreams Scattered over an Infinite Mirror' where minimalistic sound creating background is gently trembling creating the soundscape of forgotten place and you here some spoken words, almost like whisppers. And last but not least... The vocals, deep screams from the abyss where sadness, despair, desolation, disgust and many more vaules are only real. But you won't find any comfort zone here...
Almost one hour of a journey that will let you realize how pity and miserable life is. And in my opinion, these words do not reflect what you are going to hear and experince. Everyone has to take this step and enter the sonic world where anything possitive is covered with mould and fungus. You have been warned.