17 paź 2016

Djevel 'Saa raa og kald'

Aftermath Music

1. Skritt for skritt mot mareritt
2. Vaar forbannede jord
3. Hode og hals i doedsvals
4. Om prest og pest
5. Norges land og rike
6. I en iskald grav
7. De som hadde onde oeyne
8. Salmesang og knokkelklang
9. Saa raa og kald
10. I vaar herres navn...

What can possibly go wrong when in your lines you've got such long-time experienced members from hordes like Ljå, NettleCarrier, Gehenna, Koldbrann, Orcustus or Enslaved? Well... it could be everything because everyone can fucked something up from time to time. But not in this case, not this time. Now, just a reminder that their fourth album is due to be out (a bit postponded till Novemeber) and I do hope it will be kept in at least the way as 'Saa raa og kald' is.
Djevel's third album is something that for me is a very memorable thing in Black Metal genre, especially the Norwegian one. Of course, the previous works were as good as this one. But the style did expand a bit, developed to something you simply can't go pass by without noticing. And what you'll notice is a journey through early '90s Black Metal from Norway. It is like combining all the faces of this genre exactly in these times and this place. You'll notice the coldness and rawness of Darkthrone, folkish melodies from 'Frost' era by Enslaved with clean vocals in some chours. The best in it is, there is this feeling of basment recording even the whole sound is done in modern and selective way. What I mean is, that the dirt created by distorted guitars is making the atmosphere just like in the early times of the second wave of Black Metal. Even the sound is way more dynamic, it is still like a tribiute to the old gone days. And, if you like it or not, there is a lot of elements reminding me of early Taake from their early times between the Ep 'Koldbrann i Jesu marg' till second album 'Over Bjoergvin graater himmerik' and even thrid as well. Anyway, the whole album is sung in Norwegian language and those, who like me, doesn't understand that language would have difficulties to notice the lyrics are flowing by well. Without any affected pose, it is understanable it comes so naturally. At the end I am going to add, the difference from the '90s era this album has - it is differential, not done only with blasting part or only epic patterns. And still, even each track stands by its own, its individualism is what binds it together into one compound and integrated album. Now, I just wait impatiently when the 'Norske ritualer' will be out. Support them!