16 paź 2016

Dodsferd 'Wastes of Life'

Moribund Records

1. Wastes of Life
2. Sterile Death, Without Mourning
3. The Dead Have No Speech For
4. To the Fall of Man
5. Graves of Your Creator

I have been following the Dodsferd since the begining. The journey and theirdirection they took in Black Metal is something that could be described as traditional Black Metal with some punkish patterns they mixed through their compositions. The example of it could be the previous album from 2013 'The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race'. Anyway, in 2009 there was one album 'Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow' which was done in the same vein as their last opus from last year. Of course, with some differences.
The ninth album by Dodsferd is kept in Depressive Black Metal genre, as much as it comes for music itself. The lyrics are here the bigest difference from we are used to hear in this genre. There is no place for lame stuff like crying over how shit life is, how someone lost his love of life or how melancholic and depressing Autumn is with its falling down the trees colorful leaves. No, Wrath still is bursting with hate and total disgust towards everyone else. Showing how miserable life is, but not his, the rest of the human parasites blinded and hidden behind their religions. As for music, as I said it is kept as a mixture of Black Metal with Depressive style. But instead of playing one riff over and over again in slow pace and try to bore listener to death with it, Dodsferd is offering you a combination of harsh raw Black Metal with a really good production with some acoustic parts. These for example reminds me the best moments Silencer has to offer! Others, with clean or without vocals are like italian Frostmoon Eclipse and their album 'Dead and Forever Gone' (be sure to to check the last track of the album!!). The song 'To the Fall of Man' is a perfect example of combinating both mentioned above elements. And when you add violin to it so damn overwhelming... The vocals are so fucking shattering, agonizing and burdensome it is hard to describe these. The drumming is quite good, while sometimes in such albums the atmosphere is devastated with non stop blasting. Here, the flow of drums is very simple while most of time it is slow beat that fit exactly well and is dragging the music with the gently, moody flow.
Maybe it is to much to say if I call this album, a work full of reflection. But it makes you think about the world you really don't want to exist in. With its stupid regular people blinded by everything what mass-media and mass-religion is filling their heads with. Fukc them all!