3 paź 2016

Draugnim 'Vulturine'

Debemur Morti Productions

1. That Name Is Hate   
2. As in Hunger, So in Demise   
3. A Passage in Fire   
4. Grief Unsung   
5. Drums of Black Death   
6. Serpent Stone

Fins have just unleashed their third album and to be honest with you this is the first time I have a chence to hear their music. And I'm not suprised that it is my first time while this is not my cup of blood. Draugnim is something like a connection between Pagan Metal with Black Metal influences, which sounds a bit confusing just in the meaning of terms. Anyway, these six songs last for about 45 minutes and I must admit that after second one I was bored a bit. Music is way too much nostaligic, kind of even romantic in the sound of riffs and it is just not for me. Each one of you know the feeling of excitement when you got a new music in your hands, something you can add to your collection - well, I got it but after the listening it disappeared. Not a lot going on in the structures of the songs either, it is kind of repetitive... Same ideas with slowish mid tempo patterns. Even some blasting fast parts can't repair the whole outcome. And it is not the way I despite such music, no - simply, here the most important element is missing. I cannot feel the passion, something authentic and because of that it is dragging me down, almost putting me to sleep. Unless it supposed to be an album with relaxation music, than ok, my misteake. Just to quickly compare, check their Fin brothers from Wyrd and you will know what I mean. Check even Drudkh or Ygg, they praise the Nature as well but in a very exciting, even energetic way and they do it so naturally.
Just to sum it up - well produced, but it doesn't mean it is enough to be good enough to listen to. For sure they can play and the problem is not that the music is just a shitty collection of veird or badly recorded sounds, no! As I said it is not exactly my cup of blood. Maybe it is me, but I really do not feel the emotions, the Nature touch in Draugnim music. But I guess, it is just my opinion and you should check it by yourself.