5 paź 2016

Grá 'Ending'

Unexploded Records

1. Väntan
2. Þar til eldurinn mig gleypir
3. He Who Comes
4. Där skuggor dröjer kvar
5. Ruiner
6. Helfärd pt. III (Den gamle)
7. I döden
8. Fri
9. Ending

Second album by swedish Black Metal Grá brings what I thought it will deliver in both, music and the atmosphere. Apart from the circle of the bands created by Sir N. and few others gathered around Ancient Records, Grá is important band for me which steps on underground Black Metal scene I've been following for a while now. I was a bit disappointed (in gently words hehe) with the decision of their vocalist joining Dark Funeral, but fuck it - not here to judge such moves and its real causes.
Begining with acoustic intro song, album kicks off with the funeral aura which is continued though the whole 'Ending'. Somehow, even with the parts with blasts this atmosphere is easily to be felt and it is a very strong point of their work. The sound gets a bit better than on debut record but still it is sharp, not polished and especially in guitar work you can hear the harshness. The riffage is outstanding, the creativeness but also compositions in their strustures are so well premeditated. And as you will dig into their lyrics which are deeply in the dark spiritualism, you will get the whole picture of their music. This atmosphere is for a reason, it shows and acquaints you with the lyrical subjects. This way the understanding and perception of their music is more advanced. There is a lot of parts where you hear distorted guitars playing parts that could be acoustic, but this involve you more into this vortx of funeral, dismal atmosphere. The pace of 'Ending' compositions is veried and from blasts you can expect slower parts too, but mostly the album is adapted with mid tempos. And of course the vocals, which for me since the begining were foundations of their music. Heljarmadr is doing amazing work with his voice, the scale of his screams is amazing and the level of dark emotions he inludes with his singing is very packed.
Last album by Grá is a mature work, complexed as possible. I can't find any weak points for this release. 'Ending' combines traditional Swedish Black Metal elements with something Grá started with their first release. This element can be desribed as repetiveness of certain patterns which intensify and deliver metioned before funeral, gloomy aura. The extra impression is the authenticity of it - this is my opinion is the biggest aspect that should underlined thousand times.