19 paź 2016

Nattsvargr 'Winds of Transilvania'

Blackmoon Records

1. Into Forbidden Crypts
2. An Ancient Bloodthirst
3. The Light of Funeral Torches
4. Winds of Transilvania
5. Night of the Undead
6. The Freezing Darkness
7. Pentagram of Blood
8. Svarta natten...
9. Ett lik utan en grav

Having its roots in the New Your from USA, now spreading the darkness from the capitol of Sweden, Nattsvargr had just released their second album so far. I didn't have any chances to check any of the previous material, simply this horde was unknown to me. I came across this material by accident, and yet it is still very often played in my hi-fi system. 
Let me start with such words 'if you are searching for underground Black Metal'... Nattsvargr is a huge recommendation for you. There are no nice digital aspects, there is no keyboards, no occult side, no intensification or pretending to create atmospheric or sophisticated stuff... Fuck off! It is Raw Black Metal as it should be! Nothing original, based on the best patterns by Darkthrone mixed with some punkish or a bit thrash elements (check the song 'Night of the Undead') from the 'Transilvanian Hunder' & 'Panzerfaust' era. The sound is done in a basement recording way, simply authentical. Crackling, rusty guitars playing the most of traditional Black Metal riffs which you may heard before somewhere else. But who cares? It is not about being the most innovative but about creating the ugly, loathsome, ghastly aura of death. Death, that is praised by the rites in the hidden obscene places. Pulsating violently bass lines with furious drums are underlining the vile guitars work. On the top of everything, the vocals - so evil and calamitous!! The final outcome of recording session gives the vocals some dominance over the rest of instruments, this is so well done! The foul atmosphere is even more enhanced by shredding vocals (it is so reminding me of 'Panzerfaust' album!!!).
'Winds of Transilvania' is a very solid album kept in a real Raw Black Metal. I didn't noticed any fragments that could be considered as 'bad'. Of course, it is not music from people who need avangarde approach in this genre. Done as a homage to old days, to the times when everything started and the scene was just crawling outside the pit and when tape-trading was an activity done by any respectful fan.

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