6 paź 2016

Profanatica 'The Curling Flame of Blasphemy'

Hell's Headbangers

1. Ordained in Bile
2. March to Golgotha
3. Magic & Muhr
4. Black Hymna
5. Host over Cup
6. Rotten Scriptures
7. Yahweh Rejected
8. Bleed Heavenly Kingdom
9. Vile Blessing
10. Curling Flame

The fourth album by the Black / Death Metal icon came out this year. After the last album the expectations were high as for the follower and what we get in first listen may sound a bit weird or at least politely. Of course the term politely with Profanatica doesn't combine at all but wait, I'll explain what has happened here.
As many probably know, Americans are considered as a vile and unmerciful trio lead by Paul Ledney through all the years. They were formed in 1990 and lasted only till 1992 when Profanatica split-up. But Mr. Ledney decided to bring this foul creation back to life in 2001 and it is still alive causing cancer worldwide. Anyway new offering is slightly different as I mentioned in the begining. Why? Well in first I thought that all the bestiality, all the chaotic power is lost. There is also a lot of melodic riffage which was confusing me a lot in the begining. The pace of the album is also a bit slower, I would even risk to say that some parts deliver old school Doom Metal, especially as it comes for the drumming. While the guitars bring fast tremolo picking building blasphemous background, the drums are with some delay I recon. It just sounds different. Anyway, what is certain here the vocals which did not change and Paul offers serious poison with his voice; sharp, harsh and sullen growls sounding like from the abyss are all over the 'The Curling Flame of Blasphemy'.
And now lets move to what gets me to be taken-aback. It happened after many listenings to the album. I started to discover that 'missing' chaos while the affability of the sounds disappeard. And I must say, this hidden and not heard from the first listening inhumanity, barbarity hit me with even more power and intense than ever before! Could we call such vortex or chaos controlled one? I think this is the fact now. Anyway, get you copy on any format and support them!