25 paź 2016

Psychonaut 4 'Neurasthenia'

Talheim Records

1. Prologue
2. Death Is a Form of Art
3. Sweet Decadance
4. Total Leaning to Madness
5. Bad t.RIP
6. Song Written in Paris
7. Sleeping Pills Suck
8. Hangover
9. Too Late to Call an Ambulance
10. Thoughts of Death

Coming from Georgia, this is the third album by this Depressive Rock / Post-Black Metal act. 'Neurasthenia' is quite unique work, especially I am not the biggest fan of such music beside few bands I do really respect. First we have to explain the title of the album which means nothing less than a medical term. Neurasthenia was a term used and later popularized by americna neurologist George Miller Beard. As a psychopathological term, neurasthenia was used by Beard in 1869 to denote a condition with symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, headache, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, neuralgia and depressed mood. The actual weakness of nerves to him was mainly caused by exhaustion due to the modern civilization. It was later developed by Freud who separated it from anxiety neurosis and claimed it is mainly caused by (auto-)intoxication. Since we have the short lesson behind us, let us skip to the music.
The introduction I wrote about the term neurasthenia wasn't done just to enrich a bit this review. In my opinion, the music by Psychonaut 4 is clearly dealing with the darkest sides of human existence. It is not like they, you or even me are sitting in dark rooms with crossed hands drained out of any motivation and slowly thinking how to end the life. More likely it is a journey, some term and states to discover and somehow to experience. As I said in the begining, I am not a big fan or even this genre is a bit unknown to me beside acts like Austere, Silencer, Make a Change and Kill Yourself, Thy Light, Nyktalgia, Nocturnal Depression, Leviathan or Xasthur. Quite a few, but I think there are many many more. Due to that, I was a bit affraid to approach this review, do I would even know what to write about or explain here? But it hits me since the begining... Just after the 'Prologue' the track 'Death is a Form of Art' I sinked into the created world of depression, fears, illusions, madness and narcotic visions of pure illness. Music offered by Psychonaut 4 is calm offer based on rockish guitars with some of Black Metal elements. Mostly playing slower parts with distortion, there are also parts with acoustics which I must admit are just tearing apart my psyche. Disquieting your peaceful mind, reminding that within next moment you may loose someone without whom your life can be empty. It is stressing, a lot. The fragments or call them regular patterns where the acoustic guitars playing slow sad melodies and the vocals by Graf von Baphomet are so fukking hysterical and authentic it is a huge challenge to continue to listen and stay sane. Simply, you have to listen to it to discover the atrocities of human psychology. All the fears and dreadful experiences are hidden here and are waiting for you.
Terrifying, anxious, frightful and what's most important restless... Too authentic, too real, way much than just music... 'What was the last thought about?'