14 paź 2016

Weird Fate / Membaris 'Conspiracy'


1. Weird Fate - The Call
2. Weird Fate - Shadows
3. Weird Fate - Beyond the Fetters of Life
4. Weird Fate - Forlorn
5. Membaris - Mein Schwarzer Augenblick
6. Membaris - Only Ruins Remain
7. Membaris - Dreams Written in Blood

The split called 'Conspiracy' was commited some time ago, but I think it is worth to mention while describing it. Not quite sure what has happened to the label that released it in 2008 but still the copies should be avaiable around the web somewhere. Both hordes are from Germany and the offering can be pictured as Atmospheric Black Metal.
The split begins with three tracks by Weird Fate plus an intro. The intro lasts only around 30 seconds and it sounds like some electronics madly pulsating. After this the real instruments enter with a big impact to create the fury. The first time I did listen to it I was thinking the it will be just blasting, venomous Black Metal at only fast pace. But then the whole atmosphere, the mysticism starts to grow up. And it lasts until their part was over. Do not underestimate the word 'atmosphere' and don't put it blidly into a bag with only keyboards instrumentations. Hell no! Whe whole concept is mixed and they do both great! First, the melodic & might riffage brings nostalgic moments or simply creats fury with hatred. And second while the aura is risen up high with the keyboards that stands far away from being immature, boring or dominant. The metioned before pace on their part is varied from mid tempos to very fast ones and also to be closed with the final song which is slower to burst later on into a furious sadness (if there is something like that). Also the vocals here are very compexed and N.W. knows exactly how to use his voice strings.
Let us move now to the Membaris songs. After the short introduction which is a part of the opening track 'Mein Schwarzer Augenblick' Germans takes no prisoners and strike with furious blasting part! I almost felt like being crushed into my arm-chair! And it also changed in few moments into more atmospherical music when the keyboards enter. For sure you can feel & hear the difference between these two hordes, while Membaris is more rotted into traditions in Metal music and they do not take their vision of Black Metal into innovative level as Weird Fate approached in few occasions. The intensity of the music is very high and when it comes to the parts with the primary Metal instruments, it is cruel and violent picture with a slight dose of melodics. The fast pace is dominant here and there are not too many moments when it gets nostalgic, even the moments when the acoustic guitar with thrilling soundscape done by keyboards is heard - it is dire and eerie. The guitar's riffage is creating interesting background and harmonizes very well with the pounding drums. Somehow their part reminds me a bit of Aaskereia, especially as it comes to vocals and they way of Obscurus screams.
To sum it up, this split is one amazing work by both bands. Of course, their approach towards the Black Metal is different but in my opinion this is what it is as it comes to Black Metal (and not only this genre). I know I'll not stop playing this split for a while. This atmosphere fits exactly well to Autumn we have outside. And btw. exepct the reviews of their latest albums soon.