23 paź 2016

Zom 'Flesh Assimilation'

Invictus Productions

1. Tombs of the Void
2. Hordes from the Cursed Realms
3. Gates to Beyond
4. Conquest
5. Illbeings Unspeak
6. Dead Worlds
7. The Depths
8. Flesh Assimilation

After the EP 'Multiversial Holocaust' the Dublin's trio in 2014 returned with their debut full-lenght album. And yes, I know it is another not ''new'' release being reviewed here, but after 6 printed issues when I decided to go with online version, it is a lot to catch up. From the other hand, who fucking cares when it was released as long as it is a great record delivering high standards of Death / Black Metal genre? Anyway, the Irish did amazing work which embrace the traditional roots of both styles and on the top of it they added elements which can be subjected as the definition of recognition of their style.
Zom is creating with their Black / Death Metal fusion an atmosphere of of chaotic, horrorlike darkness. It seems that such effect is lasting throughout the whole album, even when they take big slow-downs with the pace of the tracks (example the 'Conquest' track). The sound is very primoridal and eerie like. Taking the mix of early Darkthrone or Mayhem 'Deathcrush' record, adding a bit of punkish elements in mid tempos, Zom managed to fullfil it all with sick electronics between tracks. Of course these are just seconds lasting, but the result is astonishing. It takes the hidden horror to the surface of cosmic state (I'm trying to avoid the word 'sci-fi', which suits here well). Guitar work is extracting the best of both genres, playing tremolo dark melodies or open strings disarray riffs. From time to time there is more rhythmical riffage like in 'Dead Worlds' track which reminds the demo times of the underground Death Metal scene in the beginings. Drums are recorded in a very 'live' manner and as much I can judge from the listening there weren't a lot of (if any) helping from the computer during the recording session. You know, sometimes you listen to the records and have this triggered shit all over your face and simply getting sick of it with lacking the authentical feeling. Zom did the opposite, the impact of noisy and dirty sounding drums with all in all great patterns being played is unblemished with its contribution to the whole chaotic outcome. And the last, the vocals. These are a bit hidden behind the blizzard of the instruments but I think it suppose to be this way. It has this edge, where you have a feeling that the unearthly vocals are coming like from other dimension or at least from an old, death stinking cave.
The follower of the beastlike EP 'Multiversial Holocaust' is maybe not that much immediate ripper, but certainly it is a violating music of its kind. I must admit, I didn't lack any of the bestiality as I could remember some reviews were focused on it. No, the chaotic barbarity is still here in a huge dose. You just have to extract it from the obscure bottomless pits of 'Flesh Assimilation'.