27 lis 2016

A.M.S.G. 'Hostis Universi Generis'

Profound Lore Productions

1. The Exodus of All Life
2. Baptized in the Blood of Galaxies
3. Broken Chains of Cursed Flesh
4. Divine Madness Transcends
5. The Perpetual Dance of Existence and Demise
6. Astral Projections of Lucifer

Second album by Canadian horde A.M.S.G. is standing above 'solid album' description. 'The Enemy of All Kind', the translation from Latin can guide us easily how this work is going to be chanelled via the malign sounds. The previous releases by A.M.S.G. were very mature and advanced as it comes to building atmosphere and track structures. In this full madness, the authenticity doesn't even has to be discovered while it is all the time there. The presence of the real thick Darkness bounded with obvious Devil worshiping, such aura can't be made out and just executed. Only real devotion and authentic approach towards the subject they are channelling cound create such outstanding effect. And we can experience it, on 'Hostis Universi Generis'.
Let me begin with the 100% conviction: second full-lenght album by A.M.S.G. is a cohensive work. Again, amongst the traditional Black Metal patterns we can hear some experimentations are taking place. Especially as it comes to song structures. Canadians are not affraid to use wind instruments, acoustic guitars or spoken / whisppered declamations. This time all the transitions and tempo changes inside the tracks are just simply breathtaking. The atmosphere is raising and spreading all over the place, it is like wandering on an abandoned spot -> the excitement is mixed with fright. All these elements like piano playing, trumpets with saxophone sounds filling the parts of the tracs almost with the cacophony, the pulsations... it is creating a real dismay. Guitars are arranged often in layers, and while the background one is playing the main riff, the second guitar emerges with a nostalgic solos, totally wild leading riffs or possessed distorted ideas. As I was listening to this record many times, almost each time I discovered something new. Some elements seems to be hidden from you, only when you enter into this aura and let the maelstrom take you, than you are feeling like getting new symptoms, new elements are starting to fullfill your conciousness. And I think this is the biggest superiority of this album over others, even great too. Somehow it is hard to treat this record in music categories as a final outcome.
To end it up, I will just add one thing. 'Hostis Universi Generis' has experimental edge, I mentioned above about it. But, what is amazing in it is the fact, this is Black Metal album without any doubt, to the core. And through using of all this variety of track structures, praising the Devil has been reached and noone is able to deny it.