12 lis 2016

Blood Incantation 'Starspawn'

Dark Descent Records

1. Vitrification of Blood (Part 1)
2. Chaoplasm
3. Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)
4. Meticulous Soul Devourment
5. Starspawn

After couple of releases (3 demos, ep and a split with Spectral Voice) Blood Incantation released its first full-lenght assault. Since the first sounds of the opening track there is no doubt, that it will be more than just obscure work. And what is needed to ba said here is, to built / create such music with a vide spectrum they did you need a strong foundation of inspirations. Plus, the skills. Of course, it is not only how you can use your instruments but also how you execute the ideas and transform them into this horryfic soundtrack. Believe me, Blood Incantation did it.
The opening track is more than just alluring. After just few moments I got the feeling I am confronting an album of unexpected, yet kept in the undivine traditions of Death Metal. It lasts more than 13 minutes, maybe not a breaking record, but it is simply fascinating to hear how such colossus is emerging with its vile nature through speakers. And also I would like to risk the word pedantic as it comes to their compositions, which has nothing to do with any detriment. The level of details in their music is indescriable and eery atmosphere is unearthly hanging upon the whole outcome of music. From one point we have plenty of riffage from the 'Leprosy' or 'Spiritual Healing' era. Secondly there are moments like 'Covenant' advanced solos by Azagthoth... Everything is covered by a thick mist and the dim is overtaking the atmosphere. So, imagine such effect - a merger of Death & Morbid Angel plus the graveyard sombreness. The cited examples to define their style are just mentioned to show the fundamental vastness of their work. There are plenty of pace changing during the record play. And as I mentioned in the begining, you can't foretold what will happen next. Would it be next dark fanatically obscure part? Or maybe we will have a passage of slower part with less distortion on guitars with a nice gently solo? Or maybe more a Doom/Death Metal part? Everything is here and due to their splendid vision, it's matching bloody fucking good.
Well my Friends, Dark Descent Records did it again. Another soul mesmerizing record which must be a part of your collection. It is sordid, mean and gives you more faith into what the real underground is today. Separate well all the shit, listen and support only the worthy ones!