28 lis 2016

Donn 'Horns Curve Into Broken Circles'

Peregrination Records

1. Naamah        
2. Malkuth Transforms into Lilith
3. Rotten Blood and Dead Semen as the Foundation of Creation        
4. Revolt Against Solar Singularity        
5. Kinetike        
6. With Black I Absorb, Violet Contemplate, Red I Summon the Strength to Act        
7. Horns Curve into Broken Circles        
8. Savar Speaks        
9. Manipulator of Men

Donn The Philosophy or just Donn is an Underground BM  band from United Kingdom which first full album touched the black light through Peregrination Records. The members of this band are also taking a part in bands like Teutoburg Forest, Blooddawn or Torch Of Darkness.Although the material is older than a year, the music which Donn performs gives a strong dose of "black energy". We have there a concept album declared to the individuality, Glorification of Evil filled by an occult philosophy as well.
Their words: "Evil is separation. The separtion from unity and the reliance of another's defined duality leading towards self deification where one may attain the ultimate power. The power of choice"
Now about the sound. We can hear there a fast Black Metal strike however it is a bit far from technically overclocked Marduk style or flagellating Setherial. But we can feel in Donn's music hell, the Devil and uncommonly furious atmosphere. It's centered and balanced with semi-slow moments. But the most important thing is that we can feel and touch the omnipresent "dirt". It's not only about guitar sounds, but the whole album is fullfilled with putridity and basement moisture. Regarding to a less "bad" details I can hear there a bit repressed bass work and vocals which are fighthing in some moments for "second life" with wall of intensive Black Metal sound. The graphic artwork is minimalistic but it has it's own form and meaning in an occult way. However it is without some "trendy" pentagrams and reversed crossed in the nun's vulva...Why?...Because It is True Black Metal cult for the chosen ones...

http://www.peregrinationrecords.com/ - old not working link

Written by A.