14 lis 2016

Drowning the Light 'From the Abyss'

Dark Adversary Productions

1. From Old Mountains to Lost Seas
2. Drink the Blood of the Sun (Varcolaci Awakens)
3. Below the Horizon He Stalks
4. From the Abyss
5. Secrets of the Darkest Spells
6. Cursed Voyage
7. Apparitions in the Distant Woodlands
8. Rise! Under Satans Mighty Horns
9. The Return of Medieval Sorrow
10. Despoiler of the World We Know
11. Sic Itur ad Astra    
12. The Inverted Ascension
13. Sinking into the Void

I guess noone who is really into Black Metal underground needs an introduction about this band. Drowning The Light, with its rich history of countless demos, splits and Eps, had released their last album last year. So far, if I good counted it is thirteen full-lenght release. On the top of this Azgorh is also active with its second horde Eternum and recently has joined Black Funeral. Beside this there were or still are acts Wolfblood, Reich Of The Black Sun or Ambient / Medieval Dungeon projects like Forgotten Kingdoms, Ghosts Of Oceania. You can clearly see that this person is devoted to the dark art with his whole life.
'From the Abyss' is kind of a new face within DTL releases / music. It is more epic, more powerful but still within the misanthropic spirit we know so well from the past. Even the change is easy to spot, the more easy is to hear Azgorh kept his compositions within the traditions of the previous works. It is like to mix together the Drowning The Light style with its primoridal, vampyric aura and add the epic work for example from Forgotten Kingdoms dark Dungeon music. To those who still didn't hear this album, do not freak out. DTL do not change into a band which music is driven by keyboards. Keyboards do play an important role, they support the guitars riffs and make the whole picture more dismal. As we speak about guitar work, there are some slight changes too. Take for example 'Cursed Voyage' - can't really remeber to hear such epic but still gloomy riffs. And due to such exertions DTL music grows to something really unique. Lets move on forward. The sound has also changed. Not saying for the better or worse, it is just different. I think it can compared to something recorded in a cave or an obscure forgotten place, just with a better dynamics. I must say such sound opens a bigger variety of capabilities in front of Azgorh, therefore maybe this is the outcome of what we can hear on 'From The Abyss'. Also gone are the elements, visions in vein of DSBM of which DTL was known in their early stage. Some of slower parts may sound a bit familiar to these, but these are just accretions. The vocals by Azgorh remained the same, scratchy screams intertwined with some spoken parts or more haughty half-clean voices. Through the whole playing time of this record we witness different pace. There are slower, mentioned above tracks but also fast blasting tracks like 'Sic Itur ad Astra' where furious drums and razor-sharp guitars are flowing on the surface created by keyboards... to end up with acoustic guitars and slower march drums. This, amongst many others, is a hail to the old days of Black Metal. It is what DTL has been doing through all these years, when we have been struck down each time with the primitivism, oppressive darkness, and all the emotions which have been slaughtering the 'normality' of everyday life. And it is lasting for more than an hour... The misanthropic longing for the coldness of the night. The source of evil inspirations.
I must admit, 'From the Abyss' is the most mature record released by DTL through their time of existence. It is consistent even in its variety. The atmosphere is simply astonishing, mighty and frightening at the same time. The vortex of void has been opened...