18 lis 2016

Kill 'Great Death'

Amor Fati Productions

1. Doom Oath
2. Totentanz
3. Wreath of Triumph
4. Conflagration
5. Fires of Famine
6. Great Death
7. Desolate Kingdom
8. Wormwood Descends

Swedes have returned with their fifth opus entiteled 'Great Death'. There were no better title to choose for it, as it reflects the whole conspect and music in these two words. Mighty, powerful two words. And this is how the albums sounds, how it is composed and executed. There are no weaker points in it, just ongoing deadly endeavouring to reach Death. After a long waiting for four years, finally I can enter to the realm of their hatred & death driven realm of destructive obsession.
After being in the underground Black Metal scene for 18 years now, Kill has now a solid and respectful position amongst maniacs of such sounds worldwide. Yet, hidden in the underground the beast is slowly raising its head to reach for more victims. They will become the worshippers.
'Great Death', from the first riffs on 'Doom Oath' to the last ones on 'Wormwood Descends', is feeding us with mercilessly pounding pace. These mad, lunatic structures are so violent it is hard to describe the stage I'm now in. Encroaching to my thoughts, consciousness, these sonic landscape is creating just violent & repulsive pictures. In many recent Black Metal albums we can witness occult or mythological wisdom themes. Kill is leaving us without any of these. This work is just an art of pure Death and Fire. As I mentioned above, the tempos are fast and often are bombing us with the barbaric way reminding some patterns of War Black Metal genre. These elements were heard since the first album 'Horned Holocaust' and are nothing new in their discography. It is amazing to see they do not change or quit the style they created in the vision of Kill since the early days. I can easily say, this is the best sounding album by Kill so far. Somehow they kept this 'nekro' sound but each of the instruments is selective. All together they do not melt into a shitty mess. Guitar work by J. Voltage is all up in front, and mostly the riffage is a violent tremolo picking or nekro open strings slower parts. Also when it comes to slow / mid tempos, Kill is sounding so fukking cruel! Still, there is a lot of doze of melodics, but it is hidden in the raging riffs. Through the whole album you can hear the bass guitar lines clearly. Drums by Getaz are recorded properly. I was more than happy to hear that in the blasting parts, the snare drum wasn't becoming inaudible. Intense and not for the weak. The drums lines are just the ending confirmation, 'Great Death' is not for the new kids or seasonal listeners to Black Metal genre. Better wank to your Watain / Behemoth shit. I must add , the recording session must been / it is a bloody well work, weigh such aggressive music without loosing its natural primodiality and keeping the obuscure harshness is a fukking gem. Vocals by Carl Warslaughter are savage, disasterously cruel and in my opinion these ones are the final nails to the coffin. I am left fascinated in the glare of Death's light.