1 lis 2016

Korgonthurus 'Vuohen siunaus'

Woodcut Records

1. Kaaos
2. Puhdistuksen tulet
3. I.K.P.N
4. Vuohen siunaus
5. Inho
6. Ihmisyyden raunioilla
7. L.U.X.

Finally, after years of waiting from 2009 when their debut album was released, I find pleasure in listening to the second album commited by Fins. 7 long years have passed or three if you count from their last split 'North Karelian Black Winds'. But yes, the effect of their effort is heard in 'Vuohen siunaus' which can be translated as 'Goat's Blessing'. Fukk, it was worth to wait...
Korgonthurus did what it was expected from them. Well, it is not the way they must have felt the preassure and composed such album. I don't think it is even in a small percent such case. Of course, in certain circles they are respected and well known horde. What I mean is, they recorded this album in a right time, did their work amazingly well without looking around what is modern or on top. Corvus and Kryth since the begining were highly rooted in raw Finnish Black Metal, their origin scene and they kept to stay this way. The 'Vuohen siunaus' is a guideline of what this genre is. The guitar work is filled with melodies with tremolo picking, some open-strings and the combination of these two makes it simply a fukking chaotic feeling in a right way. It is just like deep exploration of the style where some emotions like anguish or sadness are smuggled into this savage, raging beasty destructive chaos. With blasting flow they do keep the pace changes to mid ones and even slow ones with the aura changing as well. The core of devotion and obsure obsession is kept but in the more 'gently' fragments some sort of desperation or agony is presented within the vocals. Well, not only in vocals but I would say in the whole line of the music itself. Scratchy screems by Corvus just underline the atmosphere. For example in the 'Ihmisyyden raunioilla' you can satch up easily some sort of the post-rock guitars and patterns but belive me, it is far away from being optimistic even for a while. And this is in my opinion the biggest advantage of this album - it is just drowning in negativity. While, of course this is Black Metal and what do you expect? - some may ask. Fair enough, but there are plenty of albums / bands who play that genre and while listening to their work you do even get an 0,05% of what you can experience here. The only thing I can point out as something I had to get to used to is the production of the sound of the album. In first I wasn't too sure if it is not too clean. Still, I can't decide myself if it is ok, or maybe it went in the 'bigger' direction towards more fans? Anyway, the album is playing for some time now and I do enjoy it (if it is the right word to use).
Korgonthurus didn't disappoint at all. They deserve attention due to the music they have created now and in the past, so support them. Black Metal which is obscure to the bone. Try the album in the darkness of the night, you'll get the full picture.