24 lis 2016

Narvik 'Ascension to Apotheosis'

Folter Records

1. Invokation II
2. Wounds of Aspiration
3. Geist zu Scherben
4. Psychotic Redeemer
5. Fecundity of Death
6. Berstende Säulen
7. The Shore
8. BarrenSemen

Hailing from Germany, Navrik strikes back with their second album. As much I was just familiar with their EP 'Snake of Paradise' released on tape, I have to admit - I'll search for the other releases to make up the lost music. 'Ascension to Apotheosis' was released by Folter Records which has a lot of respected hordes in their catalogue like The Stone, Deathrow, Corpus Christii, Isvind or Kult to mention just few. But they released such disgraceful failures like Northern Plague. Not defending the label nor this worthless idiotic band, I guess it is like everywhere on the flooded scene. You have to search for it, dig it out and enjoy the result of your mission. Too bad there are labels supporting such shit like kinds from NP band. Anyway, let us focus on what has to Navrik to offer while it is quite interesting record.
As I mentioned before this is the second album by Germans. I have no point to refer to their debut album as I missed it out within the sea of new releases coming out each day in the last years. First of all 'Ascension to Apotheosis' is a very mature work. Of course it is not discovering anything new, but even using the patterns once used requires some skills. Especially if you are mixing some traditional parts with the ones that are close to even experimental. The mirage of the two brings close the atmosphere of real devotion with oppressive, claustrophobic feeling. And I find myself well in such offering. The guitar work is varied, advanced as for the Black Metal genre but it also creates this spark of thrillness, something you feel like addicted to maniacally pressing 'play' once again, when the album is over. It is suffy, even worse - it is like the sonic dim is appearing from the speakers with every next sound. The drums with the bass lines are damn good dynamic in faster parts. When it comes to some slower 'psychodelic' parts, they create a nice background for distorted guitars. Most of all I was glad to hear that the vocals weren't kept in a standard Black Metal manner. Of course, I am against in too much experimentations in extreme genres. But the style of Navrik just needed it. If I was forced to describe their music style with refering on other bands names -> hypnotic Orthodox Black Metal in vein of hordes like Ascension, Order Of Orias, Merrimack, Fides Inversa or Dysangelium with the mixture of Deathspell Omega. Possessive and anxious stuff.
I think, Navrik's second album would grasp the souls of all those who are not only into the Black Metal. Such music is dedicated to those who seek deeper message in sounds. And for those who seek misanthropy and desolation in life & Black Metal, this should be enough.