2 gru 2016

Barshasketh 'Ophidian Henosis'

Blut & Eisen Productions

1. Ophidian Henosis - I
2. Ophidian Henosis - II
3. Ophidian Henosis - III
4. Ophidian Henosis - IV
5. Ophidian Henosis - V
6. Ophidian Henosis - VI
7. Ophidian Henosis - VII

Barshasketh from New Zealand released in 2015 their third so far album. After the debut album Krigeist, founding member, relocated the band to Scotland. After forming new line up, the released the second album and two very good splits with Krawwl from Ireland and Void Ritual from USA. After that we could entirelly focus and enjoy (if that is the proper word in this genre) on the last offering by Barshasketh. Its time to write about 'Snake Unity'.
Seven longish tracks lasting at least around 6-7 minutes each (only the closing one is shorter 4:36) gives the total of almost 50 minutes of music. Some hordes recording such long album can easily bore you, but I must admit, I didn't witness even a smallest sign of it in throughout playing their record. The album is mostly fast paced with strong drums work. It doesn't mean that the guitars are blurry and playing just hypnotic riffs. It is the matter of the final outcome with the sound mixing. Drums are slightly in front of guitars and are well triggered. In most cases, I don't like such effects. Especially as it comes to Black Metal. But it is far away from being 'main-stream' attempt. Barshasketh sounds very mature, yes clear you may say. But this sound has its hidden claw, there is no way to even try to spot some shallow plastic in. It is a bit smothered in general, like coming from distance. Guitars are mostly tremolo picking riffs with a lot of melodic parts. It works very good. Quite often the guitars split up in two roles: main riffs in the background and second one is leading with quite nostalgic sounding patterns. The leads not only presenting themselves in melancholic way, lots of sharp melodical tremolo picking which gives the material massive aggression. I really liked the transformation of almost typical norwegian rooted riffs into something that is more melodic and atmospheric. Such diverstiy in song-writting can only benefit to the horde, while more manics can focus their attention to such style. Vocals by Krigeist are typical Black Metal screech, which some may find a bit monotonous. Well, fuck them.
'Ophidian Henosis' is a very good and what is more important cohesive album. Without parts that will distract your attention from the ritual that is oozing from the speakers, Barshasketh released solid and absorbing album. And you should check it out if you didn't yet.