18 gru 2016

Deus Mortem 'Demons of Matter and the Shells of the Dead'

Malignant Voices

1. The Higher Sun
2. Penetrating the Veils of Negativity
3. Olam haBeriah

After 3 years from the last full album we have another ruthless strike from Polish Black Metal Horde Deus Mortem. This time it is about 20 minutes of their act but I need to say - the less but the better. Album consists of 3 songs which are a bit away from their recent creations. Every interested knows that Deus Mortem was free from smooth, creamy, well sounding music. But this time it is not exactly in their way they acted before. First song - "The Higher Sun" starts in the old way - flagellating drums, fire blowing guitars and nauseous strike. But there is something more, a little play with listener. It can be heard in the second song. There is less old Deus Mortem. They start with atmospheric keyboard with something that reminds of old Norwegian BM feeling. "Penetrating the Veins of Negativity" has a little bit lower tempo but it is full of negative energy pumping into your brain. Everything is prepared to create a cold, black atmosphere. It is going lower and lower and down to hell...If you will bath in this ice cold grave, suddenly sound strikes with very fast and heavy blitzkrieg. The last song "Olam haBeriah" is more gentle but still with some dark atmosphere, which is away from merciless and crushing wall of sound. It is like pretty good working machine which starts and stops in the right place. Very fine and well thought culmination. To end this journey with new Deus Mortem I can say that that this EP is a new opening for this band - if they will prepare next material in this way.
Wtitten by A.