14 gru 2016

Empire Of Blood 'Oroboros'

War Against Yourself Records

1. The Gallows Hanging Gate
2. Tomb Under the Blood Moon
3. Necromanteion
4. Necromantic Chalice
5. Spell of Decay
6. Oroboros
7. Homage to the Devil
8. Summoning of Demogorgon

Empire Of Blood released its debut album, and the only release so far, last year. Heading from USA, members are part of such hordes as Black Funeral, Godless Rising and Teratism and other less known creations on the Black Metal scene. The debut which is kept in raw form of this genre is quite interesting record to get.
It starts off with a scream of the title of the first track. When the rest of instruments joins after the vocals, I felt like being thrown into a necro ritual. There is no doubt, Black Metal presented by them has something that is fukking inhuman. Some sort of atmosphere, which is hard to desribe in words. But when you listen to it, you exactly sense the Evil. The vocals which are furious but at the same time possessed, are perfectly fitting in the music. Michael Ford did excelent work here. When you listen carefully you'll notice that his tone of voice isn't just a typical squalid and nasty screams. There is other tone, something close to be placed between whispers and spoken words. Guitars work is mostly tremolo picking fast riffs. Also there are moments when there is no distortion or it is almost off the guitars. These fragments (example 'Homage to the Devil' track) are bewitched. The aura thickens here, and the stench of hellish sulphur is encroaching our lungs. 'Oroboros' in general has magnetically hypnotic vibe. This necro feeling, in case of this work, has also onirik element but it cannot be considered as omniferous. Album throughout is very interesting, it implicates slowly like crawling horror. Now, drums are particularly an important or even leading role in this record. Their dense blasting plus being placed a bit in front of guitars, makes it more appaling with the final  outcome. Especially the way drums has been recorded, the sound is fukking inhuman as fukk!!! Aaaaarrrggghhhh! I think some may decline it because of it, but it wasn't recorded to please everyone, just those who understand the Black Metal.
Consistent, without shit surprises, Empire Of Blood took its first step. The only thing I can say is to wish myself they will continue and sooner or later I would be able to listen to the successor of 'Oroboros'.