1 gru 2016

Ill Omened 'Conflagration Roaring Hell'


1. Avernal Ire Ravening Blaze
2. Avenging Murder in Glory Shall Come
3. Watchtowers of Ruin - Tyrannous Void
4. Abhorred Wyrm That Boreth Graves of the Decrowned
5. Beyond the Bloodscorched Wasteland
6. Knighthood of Doom

Heading from Perm, city in Russia, Ill Omened recorded their debut album in 2015 for Finland's label Kvlt. Thier line-up consist of ex-members from Pseudogod and Serpentenace, maybe less known horde but with great debut tape from the same year 'The Besieged Sanctum'. 'Conflagration Roaring Hell' is a fucking beast, the mixing and symbiosis of Death and Black Metal genres is something very extremely barbaric in sound and compositions. Firm and massive album.
After just few listenings to this album I have a feeling like being trapped in some abandon graveyard and all the forgotten powers / spirits of this place are just forcing my mind to take contol over it. Intense, barbaric and bestial. And addictive. These six tracks lasting for about 37 minutes are enough substructure to break into your subconsciousness and stay there for long time. The sound of this record is so fetid, impure... It just underlines the atmosphere of the sickening and the abominable. Guitars work is just insane. Of course there are the riffs we all probably heard somewhere before, but who cares? The usage of those is almost perfect to create the invidious aura. Tremolo picking, open strings chords, loathsome solos, couplings and howling parts... Fukk, this is insane and the way it supposed to be. Drums are here no less rampageous as guitars. Most of the time blasts are fulfilling the structures. But there are also the times when the pace is slow or just regular mid one. It doesn't mean that the drumming is simple, even in the most extreme parts. Daemoniacus, the drummer, know exactly how to spice his play. Plenty of technical play, each part of his set is working with mad intensity. And vocals... these especially sound like emerging from hellish depths. Done with the effect of echo & some distance, this is a real horryfic work. Often the vocals are overlaping, using left and right channells. You can hear couple of screams at the same time, and again demonic words are spitted out with deadly poison. Screams, bestial roars, grim murmurs, whispers and hisses...
While listening to the 'Conflagration Roaring Hell' I was feeling that above the whole album there is a hidden curse, something truely Evil. When the record stoped to play, the silence that was left was so unnatural, beyond the understanding. They unleashed the emissive radiation, a force that is unstoppable.