A.M.S.G. 'Hostis Universi Generis'   (Eng. written)
Abigor 'Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition)'
Abigor 'Leytmotif Luzifer (The 7 Temptations of Man)'
Acerbitas 'Urkaosets svarta vredesdom'
Aegrus 'Thy Numinous Darkness'
Akhlys 'The Dreaming I'
Amestigon 'Thier' (Eng. written)
Anasarca 'Survival Mode'
Angelgoat 'Primitive Goat Worship'
Archgoat 'The Apocalyptic Triumphator' (Eng. written)
Armnatt 'Darkness Times'  (Eng. written)
Ascended Dead 'Abhorrent Manifestation' 
Ascension 'The Dead of the World'  (Eng. written)
Athanatos 'Unholy Union'  (Eng. written)
Atrexial 'Souverain'
Auroch 'Mute Books'
Azaghal 'Madon Sanat'   (Eng. written)
Azarath 'In Extremis'
Azelisassath 'In Total Contempt of All Life'  (Eng. written)

Back Door To Asylum 'Cerberus Millenia'  (Eng. written)
Balmog 'Vacvvm'
Barshasketh 'Ophidian Henosis'  (Eng. written)
Battle Dagorath 'I - Dark Dragons of the Cosmos'
Beheaded 'Never To Dawn' (Eng. written)
Behexen 'The Poisonous Path'
Blood Chailce 'Sepulchral Chants of Self-Destruction'
Blood Incantation 'Starspawn'  (Eng. written)
Black Cilice 'Banished From Time'
Blood Red Fog 'Thanatotic Supremacy'
Blood Tyrant 'Aristocracy of the Twilight'
Byyrth 'Echoes from the Seven Caves of Blood'

Caveman Cult 'Savage War is Destiny'
Cerebral Extinction 'Inhuman Theory of Chaos' (Eng. written)
Chaos Moon 'Resurrection Extract'  (Eng. written)
Circle Of Dawn 'I' 
Clandestine Blaze 'City of Slaughter'
Consummation 'Ritual Severance'
Corpus Christii 'PaleMoon'  (Eng. written)
Corpus Mortale 'Fleshcraft'  (Eng. written)
Corrosive Carcass 'Forsaken Lands'
Cruz 'Culto Abismal'
Cthulhu Rises 'Ku Chwale Mrocznych Eonów I'  (Eng. written)
Czarnobog 'Forn anda náttúrunnar'

Deathcult 'Beasts of Faith'
Decayed 'The Burning of Heaven'
Deceitome 'Death is Called Ethos'
Demonbreed 'Where Gods Come To Die'
Demonic Slaughter 'Dark Paths To Catharsis'
Demonomancy 'Poisoned Atonement'
Deserted Fear 'Kingdom of Worms'  (Eng. written)
Deus Mortem 'Demons of Matter and the Shells of the Dead'  (Eng. written)
Djevel 'Norske Ritualer'
Djevel 'Saa raa og kald'  (Eng. written)
Dodsferd 'Wastes of Life'  (Eng. written)
Draugnim 'Vulturine'  (Eng. written)
Dråpsnatt 'Skelepht'
Drowning The Light 'Long Forgotten in the Shadows'
Drowning The Light 'Varcolaci Rising'
Dysangelium 'Leviaxxis' (Eng. written)

Ectoplasma 'Skeletal Lifeforms'
Empire Of Blood 'Oroboros' (Eng. written)
Empire Of The Moon 'Πανσέληνος'  (Eng. written)
Enoid 'Exilé aux confins des tourments'
Enshadowed 'Magick Chaos Psychodelia' (Eng. written)
Eternal Solstice 'Remnants of Immortality' (Eng. written)
Eternum 'The Devouring Descent'
Evilfeast 'Elegies of the Stellar Wind'
Exhumed 'Death Revenge'
Exterminate 'Burn Illusion'
Exussum 'False God Evolution'

Face Of Oblivion 'Cataclysmic Desolation'
Festering 'From the Grave'
Filthdigger 'Damned by the Living Dead'
Formorket 'Formorket'
Fornicus 'Storming Heaven' (Eng. written)
Förgjord 'Uhripuu'
Front Beast 'Out of the Crypts'  (Eng. written)
Fullmoon Lunacy 'Invocation'
Funerary Bell 'Undead Revelation'

Galdr 'Galdr'
Genocide Shrines 'Devanation Monumentemples' (Eng. written)
Goatblood 'Adoration of Blasphemy and War' (Eng. written)
Goatblood 'Defiance & Intolerance'
Goatdominator 'Temple of the Goat / In Goat We Trust'
Goatspell 'Alchemy of Terror'
Goat Semen 'Ego Svm Satana' (Eng. written)
Gorelust 'We Are the Undead' (Eng. written)
Grá 'Ending(Eng. written)
Grafvitnir 'Semen Serpentis' (Eng. written)
Grave Miasma 'Endless Pilgrimage'
Grotesque Deity 'Bloodream'

Hadit 'Introspective Contemplation of the Microcosmus'
Hamvak 'I'
Hädanfärd 'Vederstyggelsens uppväckelse part.II' (Eng. written)
Häxenzijrkell 'Des Lasters der Zauberey'
Hellcraft 'Apotheosis Of War'
Heretic Cult Redeemer 'Kelesvma'
Hermóðr 'Hädanfärd'
Hetroertzen 'Ain Soph Aur' (Eng. written)
Hetroertzen 'Uprising of the Fallen'
Hic Iacet 'The Cosmic Trance Into The Void' (Eng. written)
Horn 'Turm am Hang'
Horrid 'Sacrilegious Fornication' (Eng. written)
Horns Of Domination 'Demo 2015'
Hovf 'Skogstronen' (Eng. written)

Idolatry 'Visions from the Throne of Eyes'
Ill Omen 'Æ.Thy.Rift' (Eng. written)
Insepulchral 'Satanic Supremacy'
Insulter 'Crypts of Satan'
Into Coffin 'Into Pyramid of Doom'

Jordablod 'Upon My Cremation Pyre'

Kêres 'Book of Desire'
Kill 'Burning Blood' (Eng. written)
Kill 'Great Death' (Eng. written)
Kingdom 'Sepulchral Psalms from the Abyss of Torment'
Krowos 'Verbum Luciferi'
Kzohh 'Trilogy: Burn Out the Remains'

Lathspell 'Torn Cold Void' (Eng. written)
Likferd 'Naar Skyggerne Tar Oss' (Eng. written)
Likvann 'Furet og værbitt'
Lluvia 'Eternidad solemne'
Luciferian Rites 'When the Light Dies'
Lunar Aurora 'Weltengänger'
LVTHN 'Eradication of Nescience' (Eng. written)

Macabre Omen 'Gods of War - At War' (Eng. written)
Malepeste 'Deliquescent Exaltation'
Malhkebre 'Revelation'
Mardraum 'Southern Darkness'
Mascharat 'Mascharat'
Mass Burial 'Breeding Plagues'
Megalith Grave 'Petrified Bones and Decayed Monoliths'
Midnight 'Sweet Death and Ectasy'
Moloch Letalis / Death's Cold Wind 'Czarci Skowyt / Apeiron'
Mork 'Den vandrende skygge' (Eng. written)
Morte Incandescente / Illum Adora 'Remnants of a Flaming Past'
Mörbid Vomit 'Return to the Crypts'

Narvik 'Ascension to Apotheosis' (Eng. written)
Nattsvargr 'Winds of Transilvania' (Eng. written)
Nächtlich 'Second Ritual Of Night Worship'
Necroblood 'Collapse of the Human Race'
Necromass 'Calix. Utero. Babalon.'
Necrovorous 'Funeral For the Sane'
Nightbringer 'Terra Damnata'
Nipenthis 'One with the Void'
Nocternity 'Harps of the Ancient Times' (Eng. written)
Nocturnal Amentia 'HVHI​:​Nati ex Mortis'
Norns 'Pazuzu'
Norrhem 'Vaienneet voittajat'
Nox Formulae 'The Hidden Paths to Black Ecstasy'

Oath 'Mustan liekin veljeskunta' (Eng. written)
Obscenity 'Retaliation' (Eng. written)
Obscure Burial 'Obscure Burial'
Odal 'Geistes Unruh'
Orewoet 'Afrodisiacum der vroomheid'
Os 'Demo MMXVII'

Patronymicon 'All Daggers Towards The Sky' (Eng. written)
Pest 'Buried'
Pestilentia 'Rotting'
Pestkraft 'Pest'
Praecognitvm 'Inalienable Catharsis'
Pyre 'Human Hecatomb'

Quintessenz 'Back to the Kult of the Tyrants'

Rapture 'Infernal Manifest'
Ravencult 'Force of Profanation'
Raventale 'Transcendence'
Riddle Of Meander 'End of All Life and Creation'
Riivaus 'Lyöden Taudein ja Kirouksin'
Rites Of Thy Degringolade 'The Blade Philospophical'
Rotten Age 'Zgnilizna Dziejów' (Eng. written)
Rude 'Remnants...'

Sacramental Blood 'Ternion Demonarchy'
Sacrilegious Rite 'Summoned From Beyond'
Sarinvomit 'Baphopanzers of the Demonical Brigade' (Eng. written)
Sarkrista 'Summoners of the Serpents Wrath'
Schizodeath 'Empire of Dirt'
Sepulchral Zeal 'Open'
Shambles 'Realm of Darkness Shrine'
Shrine Of Insanabilis 'Disciples Of The Void' (Eng. written)
Sielunvihollinen 'Ruhonkantaja'
Silva Nigra 'Světlonoš' (Eng. written)
Skeletal Remains 'Condemned to Misery'
Skeletal Remains 'Devouring Mortality'
Skelethal 'Of the Depths...'
Sulphur Aeon 'Gateway to the Antisphere'
Suspiral 'Delve Into the Mysteries of Transcendence'

Tehom 'The Merciless Light'
Teloch 'Thus Darkness Spake' (Eng. written)
Temple Nightside 'The Hecatomb'
Terra Australis 'The Weak Shall Inherit the Graves of the Earth'
Tetragrammacide 'Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix'
Time Lurker 'Time Lurker'
Tombstalker 'Black Crusades'
Triumvir Foul 'Triumvir Foul' (Eng. written)

Unaussprechlichen Kulten 'Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath' (Eng. written)
Under The Church 'Under the Church' (Eng. written)
Undergang 'Misantropologi'
Unlight 'Antihelion'
Urn 'The Burning'
Ungfell 'Mythen, Mären, Pestilenz'

Vanad Varjud 'Dismal Grandeur in Nocturnal Aura'
Vardan 'The Woods Is My Coffin'
Vargrav 'Netherstorm'
Verwoed 'Bodemloos'
Vircolac 'The Cursed Travails of the Demeter'
Voidnaga 'Demo MMXVI'
Vulturine 'Tentáculos da Aberração' (Eng. written)

Weird Fate / Membaris 'Conspiracy' (Eng. written)
White Death 'White Death'
Whoredom Rife 'The Worship of Idols Instead of God; Idolatry' (Eng. written)
Windstorm 'Eternal Gods Forgotten'
Witchcraft 'Hegyek Felettem'
Witchmaster 'Antichristus Ex Utero' (Eng. written)
Wode 'Servants of the Countercosmos'
Wormreich 'Wormcult Revelations' (Eng. written)
Worthless 'Grim Catharsis'
Wound 'Engrained'

Xaos Oblivion 'Rituals From the Cold Grave' (Eng. written)
Xul ov Kvlten 'Nitimur in Vetitum'


Zealotry 'The Last Witness'
Zom 'Flesh Assimilation' (Eng. written)